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  • n. A person who adheres to the philosophy of existentialism.
  • adj. Of or pertaining to existentialism.

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  • n. a philosopher who emphasizes freedom of choice and personal responsibility but who regards human existence in a hostile universe as unexplainable
  • adj. relating to or involving existentialism


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  • In all other things than atheism, now, I suspect the word existentialist fits me best- though the better read may correct me.

    between the rock and the cold, cold sea -- Day

  • He is a waste of time and energy. - see full assessmentJaspers- called existentialist- Amazingly, he actually believed that philosophy begins where reason ends.

    Need for the game gene in life

  • Indeed, this is what it means to be an existentialist, which is just another word for nihilist.

    One Cosmos

  • This concern has been called "existentialist", but there's no reason to smother it in philosophical terms.

    January 4, 1960: Albert Camus Dies In a Car Crash, Age 46. His Books Make Him Immortal

  • It is incomprehensible to me that so many readers and critics have fallen for Dostoevsky's cheap tricks (and endured the unrelenting tedium of his fiction) and declared him an "existentialist" or religious "seeker" or some other such rot.

    Canonical Writers

  • Over time, if they do not integrate, that may indeed be an "existentialist" threat in the Steynian sense.

    Daimnation!: What? No existential threat?

  • When the commercial's director answers one of these interview questions by expressing a desire to make an "existentialist" TV ad, Watkins cuts away immediately from the director's face to a surreal shot of a man in an apple costume walking through a field.

    Archive 2008-11-01

  • It is because of this that Maritain has been called an 'existentialist'; indeed, his Existence and the Existent, is subtitled "an essay on Christian existentialism," and he describes his view as an "existential intellectualism"

    Jacques Maritain

  • A pantheist might be a kind of existentialist with regard to questions like "Why is there anything at all?"


  • You should perhaps look into — hell, even decry — theoritical approaches actually developed in WS departments or more generally by feminists themselves such as existentialist feminism, radical feminism both kinds, feminist political economy, liberal feminism, etc. etc.

    On Women’s Studies


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