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  • Used other than as an idiom: see far,‎ go,‎ gone.
  • At an advanced stage of ruin.
  • Intoxicated.


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  • Barby, I believe, has a good opinion of us, and charitably concludes that we mean right; but some other of our country friends would think I was far gone in uppishness if they knew that I never touch fish with a steel knife; and it wouldn't mend the matter much to tell them that the combination of flavours is disagreeable to me – it hardly suits the doctrine of liberty and equality that my palate should be so much nicer than theirs.


  • The hayfields, Ruby said, had not been cut frequently enough, and the grass was in danger of being taken over by spurge and yarrow and ragweed, but it was not too far gone to save.

    Cold Mountain

  • No, if you'd seen her as I did, slothful with booze and romping, you'd have allowed that Broadfoot was right, and that here was a born harlot killing herself with kindness, a fine spirit too far gone to undertake any great matter.

    Flashman and the Mountain of Light

  • He was rather far gone when Pris and I got to Charity.

    La insistencia de Jürgen Fauth

  • It may be easily imagined with what interest one so far gone in love watched the debut of Miss Gladkowska as Agnese in Paer's opera of the same name.

    Frederic Chopin as a Man and Musician

  • You could actually hear men shivering, could listen to their violently shaking limbs knocking and rat-tat-tatting helplessly against bulkheads and deck, could hear the chattering of their teeth, the sound of some of them, far gone in weakness, whimpering softly with the cold: but always the dominant sound was that harsh, strangled moaning, a rasping and frightening sound, as men sought to suck air down into starving lungs.

    Ice Station Zebra

  • A large moat monster attacked, being too far gone to harbor either fear or common sense, but its teeth were mostly caries and could not make an impression on the steel-hard scales of the Gap Dragon.

    Dragon on a Pedestal

  • Terz, perhaps too far gone to feel anything, did not cry out.

    The Welkening

  • There were those who doubted the paternity, though, since this Jeendan was notorious for entertaining the lads of the village four at a time, and old Runjeet had been pretty far gone when he married her; on the other hand, it was pointed out that she was a practised professional whose charms would have roused a stone idol, so old Runjeet might have done the deed before rolling over and going to God.

    Flashman and the Mountain of Light

  • Roggit knew perfectly well that Tobas had lied about his age; he was not as far gone as his apprentice believed.

    With a Single Spell


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