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  • n. A function on an electronic recording device, such as a videocassette or tape player, that permits rapid advancement of the tape.
  • n. The mechanism, such as a button, used to activate this function.
  • n. Informal A rapidly changing situation or series of events: "The trial was on fast forward” ( Nelson DeMille).
  • intransitive v. To advance a tape rapidly on an electronic recording device.
  • transitive v. To advance (a tape) rapidly on such a device.

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  • v. Alternative spelling of fast forward.


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  • WORD: fast-forward

    DEFINITION: As above, but with one addition:

    v. To scroll through history or one's memories as if one were using a fast-forward device.


    ' Fast-forward five years, and on March 13, Thomsen spent the day editing discussion pages on the soccer players, pairs skaters, and other celebrities of Estonia while occasionally turning his attention to the neglected Wikipedia pages for some antebellum Maryland congressional elections and a Korean pop song. '

    --- " Philadelphian is a king of Wikipedia editors "

    Theodore Schleifer, Philadelphia Inquirer Staff Writer, September 2, 2013

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    September 11, 2013