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  • n. a building material consisting of fibres and cement pressed in to sheets.


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  • When there is much fibrous tissue in the tumor it is much firmer, and is known as a fibro-lipoma.

    Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine

  • Many older style 'fibro' homes were damaged and asbestos dispersed across a wide area.


  • Via a friend with fibro who's been helped immensely by knitting.

    Come on a train trip with us!

  • Between seizure meds and fibro fog, I get about one or two hours a day when my brain is online enough to write, and one a day when I'm doing WTD, I can't work on Shayara, or PYH, or the short stories I want to be writing.


  • Which, as it turns out, doesn't do a damn thing for fibro.

    Thor's Day

  • (Yes, as far as I know, it does work for adjunct anti-seizure therapy; it's just the fibro results that are being cited as fraud.)

    Thor's Day

  • Since I have fibro at such a young age, one of my biggest fears is that it gets even worse as I age.

    Life Begins At 40 « Tales from the Reading Room

  • These include epilepsy, fibromyalgia, various interesting respiratory things, a whole passel of cormorbid conditions piggybacking on the fibro, et cetera - but for the purposes of this meme, I'm going to focus on the epilepsy, as it's less common.


  • So local friends, please understand that if I can't attend something, it's because last year I entered January teetering on the brink like this, and I worked myself into exacerbating my bodyfuckery into the worst fibro flare I've ever had.


  • Swimming is the #1 recommended exercise/therapy for fibro.

    Tew's Day!


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  • short for fibromyalgia or FM

    November 11, 2016