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  • n. A tree of the genus Ficus, ordinarily F. Carica. See Ficus and fig.


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  • If you're referring to the "transformation" of an olive branch into a fig-tree, you may be confusing magic with metaphor.

    Stoicism, Sophistry and Sodomy

  • If and when you do -- and we strongly suggest ditching the Stoics and brushing up on your Aristotle as a starting point towards that goal -- rest assured that we will happily return to you your olive branch, in its fig-tree carving form, to do with as thou wilt.

    Stoicism, Sophistry and Sodomy

  • I never tired of her stories about how she got in trouble for plucking the biggest, juiciest figs for herself, and especially about how difficult it was to keep those trees alive during the harsh Rhode Island winters, when the whole neighborhood would come together to help my great-grandfather with the fig-tree burying.

    An essay by Donna Frietas in which she discusses her first novel, The Possibilities of Sainthood.

  • Addressing the Hebrew Congregation of Newport, Rhode Island, as America's first president, George Washington, expressed this hope: "May the children of the stock of Abraham who dwell in this land continue to merit and enjoy the good will of the other inhabitants, while every one shall sit in safety under his own vine and fig-tree, and there shall be none to make him afraid."

    Joshua Stanton: Ground Zero Mosque and Religious Freedom in America

  • They had sat in quiet under their vine and under their fig-tree, and a call to battle involved a change of life as new as it was disagreeable.

    A Legend of Montrose

  • “When you were under the fig-tree, I saw you” John 1: 48

    Bible ��� All the Apostles of the

  • I call to witness the myrtle, the symbol of love, the laurel, the symbol of air, the olive, that ninny, the symbol of peace, the apple-tree which came nearest rangling Adam with its pips, and the fig-tree, the grandfather of petticoats.

    Les Miserables

  • Royal houses resemble those Indian fig-trees, each branch of which, bending over to the earth, takes root and becomes a fig-tree itself.

    Les Miserables

  • The odd fig-tree, some swine -- but no human swine.

    Tony Hendra: The Christian Right? Their Christ Is No Christian

  • Sure he got hot under the robe once in a while; he overturned a few tables in the Temple, he withered a fig-tree, he made some poor old pig-farmer's pigs dive off a cliff.

    Tony Hendra: Time Out From Atheists and Evangelicals: Putting the Real Christ back Into Christmas.


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