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  • n. A flight passing close to a specified target or position, especially a maneuver in which a spacecraft or satellite passes sufficiently close to a body to make detailed observations without orbiting or landing.

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  • n. A flight past a celestial object in order to make observations.
  • n. A low-level flight of ceremonial nature, typically in connection with an airshow or a military parade.
  • n. A brief visit to an IRC channel


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  • Satellite to be junked because lunar flyby is patented

    Boing Boing

  • It uses the former Deep Impact flyby, which is so far from anything else that sat-to-sat links would be e. x.t.r.e.m.e.l.y slow or impossible, given the low RF gain and power available.

    Extending Cyberspace Into Outer Space - NASA Watch

  • However, as Emily Lakdawalla pointed on in the Planetary Blog, the most important purpose of this flyby was the last gravity assist that will allow MESSENGER to enter orbit in 2011, and to that end, the flyby was a complete success.

    MESSENGER Went Into Safe Mode Approaching Mercury | Universe Today

  • The most important aspect of the flyby was a critical gravity assist to remain on course to enter into orbit around Mercury in 2011.

    Mercury Gives Up More Secrets to MESSENGER | Universe Today

  • Scientists for the Cassini mission called their flyby of Saturn's small moon Enceladus on August 11 a "skeet shoot" - partially in honor of the current Olympic games un ...

    Feeds4all documents in category 'SEO'

  • Keith's note: My earlier characterization of the event at KSC as being a "flyby" was due in great part to the nearth total blackout in terms of what would be happening.

    NASA Watch: Keith Cowing: April 2010 Archives

  • This video is a "flyby" of immense universal structures.

    Millenium Simulation

  • Meanwhile the carrier spacecraft, having dropped the aeroshell into the atmosphere, would lift into a "flyby" trajectory above the planet.

    The Register

  • Later in its Equinox Mission on Rev 130 on April 28, 2010, Cassini will conduct an Enceladus flyby which is dedicated to RSS measurements of Enceladus gravity and its internal mass distribution

    Space News From SpaceDaily.Com

  • Ruler-thwacking, slow-slow-sloooooooooow opening of a junk mail envelope (with my tongue), the donning of antlers, the setting of said antlers on fire, the dousing of my flaming antlers in my Cream of Mushroom Soup, a National Guard flyby, bubbling of bacon grease, and a telling of "The Aristocrats."

    "In the light of a golden calf. Oh god, I had to laugh."


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