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  • To hunt foxes with hounds.
  • n. A chase or hunting of a fox with hounds.


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  • David Wasserman "I don't like fox-hunt pictures," says Mr. Wasserman, 57 years old and retired from a career in the financial-services sector, including serving as chief executive of Zurich Alternative Asset Management.

    Funding Art Therapy for Veterans and Trauma Victims

  • They are also suitable for a private office where I think the interesting geometry is a welcome relief from the stereo type wood desk and fox-hunt scene aesthetic.

    denizen desking from coalesse

  • He and she rode in together as modern men and women ride through a gate to the covert side at a fox-hunt.

    In The Time Of Light

  • I ride horses and four-wheelers, fox-hunt, lift hay and clean horse stalls.


  • His New England accent had long ago melted into fox-hunt British, so many years having passed since his necessarily permanent emigration to be with his kindred spirits.

    The Art Thief

  • Mrs. Hemans (which I wrote for her that very evening); and described a fox-hunt, at which I had seen Thomas Moore and Samuel

    The Fitz-Boodle Papers

  • Hmm, I just don't know why Tories have to resort to this regionalist stereotyping - it must be something they decide while sipping a sherry at the fox-hunt soirees - and it is so unfair and misplaced.

    Archive 2006-04-01

  • I had seen him risk his limbs blindly at a fox-hunt and in a cricket-field; and soon afterwards I saw him risk his life, just as blindly, in the sea at Brighton.

    The Woman in White

  • Kiss himself is engaged on a set of groups from a fox-hunt, Rauch has almost completed a bust of Humboldt, and statues of General Gneisenau and of

    The International Monthly Magazine - Volume V - No II

  • Den he took charge of de plantation arfter dat; an 'I use' to wait on 'im jes' like when we wuz boys togedder; an 'sometimes we'd slip off an' have a fox-hunt, an 'he'd be jes' like he wuz in ole times, befo 'ole marster got bline, an' Miss Anne Chahmb'lin stopt comin 'over to our house, an' settin 'onder de trees, readin' out de same book.

    Short Stories for English Courses


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