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  • n. A hunt for foxes; normally with dogs.
  • n. A hunt for radio transmitters; radiosport
  • v. To hunt foxes; normally with dogs.

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  • n. mounted hunters follow hounds in pursuit of a fox
  • v. hunt foxes, on horseback and with dogs


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

fox +‎ hunt


  • Horton was built by Humphrey Sturt in the 1760s, probably following the contemporary fad for having an observatory, but it was more likely to have been used as a viewpoint for watching the local foxhunt.

    Wessex Interlude 3

  • Both are valid, in their environment - you wouldn't foxhunt through Camden (though you might shoot the little scavengers).

    Are You A Communitarian ?

  • My laptop and BlackBerry are always on, and I can tell you exactly how many people are watching me and which influencers I am chasing like a beagle on a foxhunt.

    Tom Matlack: New Year's Reflections: Addiction, Family And Love

  • And even though she doesn't foxhunt and winter in Palm Beach, there seems to be little point trying to clarify the media narrative that she's the second incarnation of Jacqueline de modele.

    Carl Sferrazza Anthony: First Ladies: Character to Caricature, Part One

  • It was especially galling for the locals because not only did Jane Seymour spend most of her time in Malibu, meaning that she was effectively letting strangers irresponsibly ruin the peace and quiet, but the noise also shattered the concentration level of each of the participants in the recent Bath And Wells 'Why Immigrants Should Be Burnt' foxhunt and chili cook-off.

    Very Posh People Get The Strop With Dr Quinn Medicine Woman

  • Once, during a foxhunt at Peterhof, he grimaced in pain after leaping into the saddle.

    FORGE OF EMPIRES 1861-1871

  • "You can foxhunt at 5 years old; you can foxhunt at 90," says Masters of Foxhound Association Executive Director Dennis Foster.

    Scenes From A Modern (And Humane) Foxhunt

  • She'd never heard nor seen a foxhunt, though she'd read about them since coming to the school, and it was one of those things even a street urchin knew about vaguely.

    The Wizard Of London

  • You can tell all your gentleman friends you found the freak; discuss it at your next club or foxhunt.


  • And there I met wi’ Tam o’ Todshaw, and a wheen o’ the rest o’ the billies on the waterside; they’re a’ for a foxhunt this morning—ye’ll gang?

    Chapter XXV


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