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  • noun The art of calculating nativities by astrology, or predicting the course of a child's life from the positions of the planets, zodiac, etc., at the instant of birth. Also genethliacs.

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  • noun Divination as to the destinies of one newly born; the act or art of casting nativities; astrology.

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  • noun Divination of the destiny of a newborn; the art of casting nativities; astrology.


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Ancient Greek


  • More - over, the Greek fragments of the Magusean works ascribed to Zoroaster, Ostanes, and others, though probably composed outside of Iran in Asia Minor and therefore reflecting a westernized version of Zoroastri - anism, demonstrate a knowledge of some of the tech - niques of late Babylonian genethlialogy.


  • From these it is clear that Sassanian genethlialogy was essentially an imitation of the Hellenistic (without, however, all the philosophical overtones) onto which were grafted some Indian features, such as the use of the ninths (navāṃśas) and the Řaivite interpretations of the Greco-Egyptian Decans; it specialized in various forms of continuous astrology.


  • The tājika texts of the thirteenth and later centuries brought to Indian genethlialogy some elements of


  • This method of prediction is, of course, based on the antigennesis used in the continuous astrology of genethlialogy.


  • This system is modeled on that of the seven planetary periods embracing the native's life - span in genethlialogy.


  • The basic methods of Indian genethlialogy are not surprisingly, then, similar to those of its Hellenistic counterpart.


  • Page 120, Volume 1 an individual's conception and birth to predict certain things about his life, which were developed in Meso - potamia in the fourth and third centuries B.C., con - verted into genethlialogy.


  • Interrogations, or praśnajñāna, never achieved the popularity of genethlialogy or catarchic astrology in India; but there do exist some early works on the subject, notably by


  • In India, however, where interrogations like genethlialogy were introduced in the second century by the Yavanajātaka, the relationship of the art to the second type of divination (familiar through the versions of Babylonian omen literature in the saṃhitās) was not ignored; from the earliest times the need for ritual purity and preparation is stressed.


  • This Indian system of genethlialogy, as all of Indian astrology, flourished absolutely without opposition, as its tenets in no way contradicted those of Indian phi - losophy or religion.



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