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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of glow.


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  • Her expression is a mystery, but she glows from the inside out, and Helena nods with satisfaction.

    The Iron Maiden « A Fly in Amber

  • Even without the Loran to provide course corrections, I would have been able to take bearings off the lights twinkling on the drilling rigs scattered across the water or the dim glows from the Vietnamese shrimp boats tied to the piers of the platforms as they waited for sunrise and another long day of dragging nets.

    James Moore: A Requiem for the Gulf

  • The room Scacchi’s character, a painter and collage artist, is working in glows with the soft, watery blueness of her paintings and that blue is deepened and warmed where it reflects in the window panes.

    Lance Mannion:

  • On its square of crimson velvet, a gold coin glows.

    The Other Side of Dark

  • An earnest expression glows in every face; and some press inward, as if the bread of life were to be dealt forth, and they feared to lose their share; while others would fain hold them back, but enter with them, since they may not be restrained.

    Biographical Sketches (From: "Fanshawe and Other Pieces")

  • : Goes into a stance, sword glows, then goes back to normal?

    IGN Complete

  • Jim in MoPeep sights that I have, have a replaceable aperature (the little thing with a hole in it that you screw into the threaded part on the top). well thats availble with some white stuff on it that kind of glows in the dark.

    Lazz Loads: The Short Magnums

  • Further out way further out, hints as to why the plane of our galaxy "glows" with X-rays.

    The Lensman's Children

  • These 'glows' nourish us every bit as much as food does.

    baseball and art

  • The Kravitz apartment contains a wall of glass that "glows" at dusk, according to the Times.

    Alison Rogers: Learning Real Estate from Celebrities


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