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  • n. Plural of eau.


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  • In the French language, the suffix "eaux" - pronounced "O" - denotes the plural form of a word ending in "eau," like chateaux.

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  • I feel the same way when people mock the GEAUX Tigers slogan as "eaux" is a common ending for many Cajun surnames so I just have to write it off to ignorance.

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  • Les inondations ont causé plus de 20 morts et plusieurs blessés, et la ville a été ravagée par les eaux qui ont tout emporté sur leur passage.

    Global Voices in English » Tunisia: Severe Flooding Kills 15

  • The variety of eaux de vie, grappas and liqueurs the distillery produces is astounding.

    The Spirits of America

  • Unless labeled single cask, cognacs are blended from eaux-de-vie of differing ages but matured at least two years to create a complex mix of tastes and aromas with lasting pleasure for nose and palate.

    A Slow Path to Perfection

  • The thick stone walls offer ideal conditions for aging eaux-de-vie , or elixir of life.

    A Slow Path to Perfection

  • When buying younger eaux-de-vie, the skill is in being able to project which ones will produce a great cognac of the future.

    A Slow Path to Perfection

  • The cellar master plays his cards, moving the eaux-de-vie around so that they age as he wants them to.

    A Slow Path to Perfection

  • Aware that Delamain selects eaux-de-vie individually, rather than signing regular contracts, these small grower-distillers bring in their samples in the hope of selling them.

    A Slow Path to Perfection

  • Until the 1950s, most country families grew vines and distilled eaux-de-vie, laying down small quantities at home.

    A Slow Path to Perfection


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