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  • n. A jackdaw; a chough.
  • n. In mining, a little underground lodgment made by the miners as they work lower and lower.


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  • The statistical index r 2, also known as coe ffi cient of determination, as - sumes real values between 0 and 1 and quanti fi es how much of the signal's variance can be explained by the fact that the signal was originated by dif - ferent sources (in our case corresponding to the di ff erent tasks).

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  • The reason you have so few insurance companies is the costs of entry into the industry. you're saying we should be making those 'coe' investments for each state instead of just one larger investment that is sustainable. you're saying that (implying) that the health exchanges should be state based. which means because they will lack clout, insurance companies won't have an incentive to join. which defeats the whole purpose of reform. prices will climb.

  • When some rich hunter coe by with a bundle it goesm it's also a 06, dble set triggers, solid rib on top and a wedge in the forearm like a T/C B/P has 3 screws to hold action/to bbl.

    All About Rifle Abuse*

  • I would love to see the same cast again, and can not wait for the sequel to coe out!!!

    Hayden Christensen Says He's Up for Jumper Sequels «

  • No I was told later that coe elk will whistle for their young.

    A Brief History of Wildcatting

  • I do have to say folks-if this is what is coming from his team, I'd hate to see what's going to coe from him when he's in the White House.

    Obama Campaign Denies Michigan Co-Chair's Claim That Campaign Opposes Revote

  • If the burger-flipping message strayed into the “poor people are losers, and probably drunks to boot!” territory that would be offensive, though. coe 1:55 pm on October 27, 2009 | # | Reply wow, my initial read of this ad was way off. i thought it was an ad discouraging teens from drunkenly raping their prom dates for fear of going to prison and getting raped themselves.

    Ad Aimed At Discouraging Teen Drinking Threatens Prison Rape, Homosexuality » Sociological Images

  • I've jumped off the bridge and have decided to give Devardi Glass 104 coe a try.

    Devardi Glass

  • It's probably a different coe, so be careful how you use it.

    Use That Forgotten Frit

  • If the frit coe is off a bit it might say 94-96 coe, you'll feel the difference, but generally can use it.

    Stretching Your Glass Rod Color Range


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