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  • proper n. A surname that comes from the French word for farmer. A family surname that means leader of the group. This is a common last name for Cajun people.


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  • Reading this, I have to conclude that Don Boudreaux is doing more than any other living economist to channel the spirit of Bastiat, the greatest of all economic educators.

    Bastiat in Fairfax?, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • Another issue cited in Boudreaux's post is predatory pricing, and Armen Alchian's apparent doubt in the existence of such.

    Pricing and Marginal Cost, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • Don Boudreaux is puzzled as to why I should care about my country's net savings position, as opposed to just my personal net savings position.

    EconLog: December 2004 Archives

  • Boudreaux is about to discover that that's not literally true. posted by Shaun at

    "...stupid lance corporal stuff." ?

  • Rob is a Louisiana native with a sense of humor, but his winery, named Boudreaux, is not related to the product called Boudreaux's Butt Paste, a diaper rash ointment!

    Marlene Rossman: Cult Wines for Tough Times: Sommelier Journal

  • Mars arrived at the Hotel Intercontinental to check into his room and asked the front desk manager if Darian Boudreaux was still registered at the hotel.

    Larger Than Lyfe

  • Keshari…ahem…Darian Boudreaux looked up from her book and her eyes filled with tears.

    Larger Than Lyfe

  • Formulating a game plan for what Darian Boudreaux would do with the “blank slate” that was the rest of her life would become the project to occupy her days and nights in the unfamiliar territory of her new home, Brazil, over the days and weeks to come.

    Larger Than Lyfe

  • Over time, David Weisberg had become a father figure to her and tears filled his eyes as he hugged Keshari for the very last time in an underground parking garage in downtown Los Angeles and she slid into a limousine in disguise, headed to the airport, exiting the life of Keshari Mitchell and about to become Darian Boudreaux.

    Larger Than Lyfe

  • “Miss Boudreaux checked out this morning,” the desk manager said.

    Larger Than Lyfe


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