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  • adv. Obsolete form of mo.
  • adv. Obsolete form of more.
  • n. Obsolete form of mow.
  • n. Obsolete form of moa.
  • v. Obsolete form of moo.
  • v. Obsolete form of mow.
  • n. Strong interest in, and especially fetishistic attraction toward, fictional characters in anime, manga, video games, and/or similar media.

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  • adj. More. See Mo.
  • n. A wry face or mouth; a mow.
  • intransitive v. To make faces; to mow.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • See mo.
  • An obsolete form of mow.


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Variant forms.


  • O usagijen: he's supposed to be the GEEK, the otaku!! usagijen: well I guess this is one of the few shows that break that stereotype. usagijen: w00t! the new girl appears usagijen: why not just pass the megaphone to Kitamura, o forgetful president? usagijen: Taiga's getting all jelly jelly (jealous) ~ usagijen: and a certain "pride" or "dignity" factor usagijen: the perfect way to calm down the tiger usagijen: and I'm gonna explode from too much Taiga moe moe usagijen: she sure is living up to her furry Tiger nickname usagijen: Minorin's doing the trademark: 9 smile of Peko-chan usagijen: honestly stupid, but still … moe~ usagijen: tsk, ryuuji should join the club so he can spend more time with his Minorin~ Antenna

  • Both of these are excellently embodied in the schoolgirl; the term moe may in fact originate from the anime middle school heroine Sailor Moon (Hotaru Tomoe).

    Claire Gordon: The Internet is Awwwwww!

  • Part of it, perhaps, is out of the biases of those who would use the word moe or moeblob as a negative signifier.

    Anime Nano!

  • Kyoko's so moe that the word moe is not good enough to describe her! Antenna

  • I laughed - I think the cat is an attempt of "moe" - to be overly cute, where the desire for cutsy overcame the artists rational side.

    Lesbians Sleepover II Yuri & Yaoi: girls & guys play and Beth goes straight....again!

  • As a female anime fan, I have a lot of male friends who are into these so-called moe shows, but I wasn't sure if they'd apply to me: When the series's audience is male otaku, what is the appeal for women?

    Anime Nano!

  • When I ordered an iced coffee, our cute "eternally 17-year old" maid Mizuki poured the cream and stirred it for me until I asked her to stop, using the magic word "moe," which is used by the otaku to express burning passion.

    A Tour of Tokyo's Geek Paradise

  • I was going, 'Eenie-meenie-minie-moe' – I'd got to 'moe', so I thought I'd better do it.

    Six Nations 2011: Chris Ashton makes light of his killer instinct

  • On RPGnet, the largest tabletop RPG forums on the net as far as I can tell has had a long discussion debating the pros and cons of this, given Japan's proclivities towards "moe" and other Chris Hansen alerting things.

    Going Out

  • The otaku term "moe" pronounced "mo-eh"--which literally means "budding" and describes the sensation of being blissfully overwhelmed by cuteness or attractiveness, is already a very otome-like idea.

    First I bring you radio, now TV


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