from The Century Dictionary.

  • noun A ware-house for storing grain, salt, etc.
  • noun See gula.


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  • Swine Flu Moves Toward Pandemic Level Pavel Rahman/Associated Press GRAIN GOLA: A farmer carried a "gola," or food container, in Ashulia, Bangladesh, Wednesday.

    Today's Photos: April 29

  • Chuski or gola is an Indian iced treat made with crushed ice soaked in flavored syrups.

    Street Food in India

  • Stop trying to blame everybody else, stop trying to change the gola posts.

    Campaigning in Kentucky, Clinton hears sermon on infidelity

  • Hi! boston acoustic ba745 types of curls stoner machine gun COUPON BAR CODE CLUB TAIL IGUANA stephen gola drinker water mv sad tango burrow medical fuse uranium juliya

    Midterm Roundup

  • Be it Fred in Texas or me or my kids we have tasted the ice gola after a hectic game of cricket.

    Archive 2009-05-01

  • How could anyone expct anything different from a professional politician that is trained as a lawyer, head of a faction that deliberately created this and other messes, with the ultimate gola of total control of the US economy.

    I Call Bullshit

  • That was the treacherous clue that parents looked for if they wanted to police on their gola eating brats.


  • Eat the flavored crushed ice with a spoon as the street gola in now in cultured company.


  • Any Mumbaikar is a diehard fan of gola the ubiquitous crushed-ice candy.


  • One of the worst words of abuse among the Rajputs is “gola” which means someone born out of “pure” Rajput and lower status “impure” Rajputs.

    The Jodhaa Akbar controversy distorts the glorious legacy of Rajput-Mughal syncretic culture,


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