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  • adj. adequately good for the circumstances


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  • In the distance stood Vesuvius, still a sleeping volcano in those days, its hills green with pine and beech trees, its orchards overflowing with apples and with grapes that made wine good enough for a senators table; its soil teeming with hares, dormice, and moles that the locals favored as hors doeuvres.

    The Spartacus War

  • And even though it had been a long time since the family of Baron Margarine had been rich, the baron did not think that a relatively unsuccessful Norwegian inventor was good enough for his Baronette Juliette.

    Bubble in the Bathtub

  • Celts, Germans, and Thracians were good enough tamers to train them.

    The Spartacus War

  • Bandello, Aretino, and a thousand others who declared that the morals of Petronius Arbiter were good enough for them.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 12: Philip II-Reuss

  • The RNA World theory suggests that RNA was a good enough enzyme to hold the fort until proteins evolved to take over the enzyme role, and that RNA was also a good enough replicator to muddle along in that role until DNA evolved.


  • Professor Murrin was good enough to propose several options for my counterfactual endeavor.


  • A broken upper back, a disc taken out at L4-5, a history of muscle spasms that kept me off the golf course for weeks at a time in prime season, even the man a few years younger than I who was showing off his thighs and making a fool of himselfthese seemed like good enough reasons to avoid pretending to be someone I was not.

    The Italian Summer

  • It is a straight-hitters hole, and I tend to hit largish draws, which means, standing on this tee, that I always had to try to find the courage to aim at the hillside of trees to the right of the green and hope I made good enough contact to work the ball back toward the flagstick.

    The Italian Summer

  • Like Missy Thurber was even remotely good enough to look down on someone like Noelle Lange.


  • The person who never believes her presentation is good enough will often have the sweatiest palms and the fastest-beating heart.

    Life Is a Series of Presentations


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