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  • n. Raw, thinly sliced, cured salmon seasoned with dill and served usually as an appetizer.

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  • n. Salmon dry-cured in salt, seasoned with dill and sugar, and served usually thinly sliced as an appetizer.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Swedish : grava, to bury (from the original process of curing it in the ground); + lax, salmon.

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From the Swedish gravlax, a compound of grava ("dry-cure in salt and sugar") + lax ("salmon").


  • Elisabeth, yes, gravlax is a mighty good Scandinavian dish.

    Recipe: Gravlax

  • Wonderful recipe, but just to make things clear, gravlax is not Mediterrean, its SWEDISH!

    Recipe: Gravlax

  • The flavor of gravlax is best if the salmon sits directly in the cure, which it can’t do when it is wrapped in plastic.

    Archive 2008-01-01

  • Smoked salmon should not be confused with gravlax, which is salmon that has been simply cured and not smoked.


  • The gravlax was also ethereal, a perfect balance of sweet and salty had inundated the salmon flesh, which was perfect dipped in a dill mustard sauce.

    The only reason to go to Ikea...

  • But Suki did spend three years in Sweden in the early 70s, and he did master the art of smoking salmon in its 'gravlax' tradition, so that's the way to go here, a plate of silky smoked salmon with a toasted bagel and a shmear of cream cheese of course.

    Jay Weston: Beverly Hills Breakfasts Are... Different

  • [I should have had pears here but forgot to put them on the table, so I will be eating pears this week] cold blueberry soup with mango and cardamom lefse chocolate bread choice of butter, apple butter, or strawberry preserves (the latter two made by porphyrin) roasted yams with sea salt and rosemary gravlax scrambled eggs with tomatoes, basil, and sharp cheddar.

    Barnstorming on an Invisible Segway

  • But admirable as that might seem, he was not someone whom Alfred Nobel would have invited over for gravlax.

    Mark Steinberg: My Doctor Says I'm Not Dead But I Want a Second Opinion

  • Or you can indulge in gravlax, Champagne, vodka—they also have great Spanish ham.

    Eating First-Class on the Fly

  • A quick jaunt across the globe for some favorite fermented foods will lead us to kimchee in Korea, which is fermented vegetables usually cabbage; gravlax, the fermented raw salmon enjoyed in Norway; injera in Ethiopia, a spongy, fermented flatbread; chorizo in Spain, which is fermented and cured uncooked pork sausage; and the many forms of fermented dairy that are adored and consumed from India to Indiana.

    You Eat That?


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  • See also stinkhead.

    July 29, 2008

  • Mid-20th century. (Swedish or Norwegian gravlaks) "buried salmon", because originally cured in a hole in the ground.

    In UK/US usually means thin slices of dried salmon marinated in sugar, salt, pepper, and herbs, especially dill.

    Also gravelax, gravadlax

    July 19, 2008