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  • adj. of blue tinged with grey


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  • Her gray-blue eyes seemed to capture not only the color but the threat of stormy seas.

    Arcane Circle

  • We look across the slow green water to see a flash of gray-blue and black alight upon the mucky bank.

    The Memory Palace

  • Beside me, Aidan sat in a chair watching me, his gray-blue eyes unblinking.


  • As I write this in September, it's the rainy season, which means there are a hundred hues of green in the trees between my side of the mountain and the gray-blue glassy sea.

    Moving to Costa Rica

  • The saucer descending toward the connectors on the stardrive section should have been a reassuring sight, but watching the immense gray-blue surface approach the gaping hole in the ceiling was more nerve-wracking than Nog had expected, especially as it was shuddering and bouncing unpredictably.

    Star Trek The Next Generation®

  • A clump of lichen, gray-blue, smelling like smoke.


  • And late into the night, he would look at her, lying naked, supine, gray-blue eyes lifted skyward.

    The Trouble With Ardor

  • "Small Pear Tree in Blossom" 1888 astonishes with its vivid gray-blue tree trunk and brightly flowering branches.

    Tulips (and Other Flowers) From Amsterdam Putting the culture into horticulture

  • It's the gray-blue house that sits behind the classroom wing of New England Congregational Church.

    Aurora's Auto Shop License Proposal Gets Brake Job

  • Red, blue-green, black, gray-blue—I'm a painter who doesn't use brushes.

    Night Waitress


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