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  • n. An animal that grazes.
  • n. A television viewer with a short attention span who switches between channels regularly.

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  • n. One that grazes; a creature which feeds on growing grass or herbage.

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  • n. An animal that grazes, or feeds on growing herbage.
  • n. plural Same as Boskoi.


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graze +‎ -er


  • Here's some info: codegrazer@ubuntu: ~$ lsmod | grep gspca gspca_spca561 9372 0 gspca_main 22812 1 gspca_spca561 videodev 36736 1 gspca_main codegrazer@ubuntu: ~$ lsusb

  • Hate to say this but I'm what's known as a grazer (don't eat all the time but love to much on something all the time) and my MiniMed helps me keep control lots better and lets me much a little more that the constant shots did.

    Discussion Forum - TuDiabetes

  • Among fossil horses, especially, it has been found that some species once given the "grazer" label had more mixed diets or did not restrict their feeding to grasslands, and this enhanced resolution has often been achieved by looking at the microscopic scratch and wear patterns on teeth.

    ScienceBlogs Channel : Life Science

  • Also, we have pictures galore and will be posting others as I find a moment or two, which is few and far between, as Binary Boy is a "grazer" and nurses often and in little amounts.

    Binary Blonde

  • A "grazer" is usually wild-eyed and clad in rumpled pajamas as he forages from cabinet to cabinet, perhaps swiping his forefinger through the peanut butter jar and then the honey jar before dipping it into a bag of coconut or miniature marshmallows.

    VERBATIM: The Language Quarterly Vol X No 2

  • For a grazer like me who would prefer nibbling tapas over wolfing three squares, I totally get the desire to eat throughout the day.

    Wendy Sachs: Snack Food Nation: How Kids Are Conditioned to Snack

  • Nowadays, if I did, all I'd see is chops, tenderloin backstraps, sausage and burgers whenever I came across a "grazer."

    Deer Jumps Into Lion Pen at DC Zoo

  • Since attempted wrestles with Ray Adams had been more about restraining the hands of a deliberate tit-grazer than pure athletic sparring, she smiled at Mr.

    Good Country. People.

  • My compromise for those of you who think ¾ parkas are bulky is the "thigh grazer," which, frankly, keeps at least ½ of one 's derriere snug.

    Parka Perfection

  • Studies have shown that the presence of introduced ungulates can shift the balance of species found on the islands; areas rife with ungulates tend to be dominated by grazer-resistant species such as Opuntia, while other areas have a higher proportion of grazer-sensitive species.

    Aruba-Curaçao-Bonaire cactus scrub


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  • An animal that eats short vegetation such as grasses and herbs. Compare browser.

    August 31, 2008