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  • adj. hagiographic


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  • The use and ceremonial procession of the relics paralleled the miraculous healings described in hagiographical sources.

    A Tender Age: Cultural Anxieties over the Child in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries

  • This hagiographical obsequiousness suggests that we are to be conducted through a treasury of sacred relics.

    How Stanley Kubrick Met His Waterloo

  • Compared, say, with Pekar and Roberson's Macedonia, let alone the brilliant work of Joe Sacco, Hunt doesn't really probe very far into the human side of the conflict - British soldiers are anonymous snarls, the civilians who mock and disobey the rebels merely rabble; only the rebels themselves are given full hagiographical treatment, including curiously iconic depiction of their faces taken from the classic photographs.

    May Books 3) Blood Upon The Rose: Easter 1916, by Gerry Hunt

  • Hulton Archive/Getty Images A ceaseless self-promoter, Gandhi bought up the entire first edition of his first, hagiographical biography to send to people and ensure a reprint.

    Among the Hagiographers

  • The Sarah Palin soap opera continued – this time in an real opera house – for the premiere of The Undefeated, the hagiographical documentary of the life and times of an Alaskan governor turned political rock star.

    Premiere of Sarah Palin biopic The Undefeated leaves mystery ending | Richard Adams

  • Document and Eyewitness's treatment of its main players is affectionate-going-on-hagiographical, but the implication of that end-point is inescapable.

    Document and Eyewitness by Neil Taylor and Shadowplayers by James Nice

  • Even Maria Rosa Menocal, in her hagiographical treatment of Muslim Spain, The Ornament of the World, admits that non-Muslims did not enjoy equality of rights with Muslims in Andalusia and Cordoba: The dhimmi, as these covenanted peoples were called, were granted religious freedom, not forced to convert to Islam.

    Post-American Presidency

  • Alone among the news networks, Fox did not retail wholly hagiographical material about candidate Obama.

    Post-American Presidency

  • Significantly, the hagiographical literature of nineteenth-century hasidism makes no mention whatever of her, nor is any mystical or ethical teaching attributed to her in other genres of hasidic writing.

    Ludomir, Maid of.

  • The transmission or consumption of hagiographical tales in Hebrew and even more so in Yiddish served as the lowest point of access into the Hasidic orbit, however much it was promoted from the start as a meritorious activity of the highest degree of holiness.



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