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  • adjective telecommunications semiduplex


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  • Blogs are more like half-duplex communication, with each person fighting to win access to the bus.

    Does Obama hate open source?

  • It makes for half-duplex conversations, where their parents speak their native language to them, and they answer in English.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Thirty Years in America:

  • Actually, a T1 is full duplex, most dsl connections are half-duplex.

    5 Tricks to Access BitTorrent in the Office

  • Communication can occur at half-duplex (similar to a conversation on a speaker phone) or at full-duplex (like your telephone).

    Smart Mobs » Blog Archive » Bluetooth, The Technology Buzz

  • "Plexity" looks a bit like "arity". indeed it is used in communications to describe the underlying concept of simplex/half-duplex/full-duplex connections. PLEXITY.

  • For a 1200 baud half-duplex connection, 192 is the right number.

    The KA9Q Internet Software Package by Bdale Garbee

  • PRIME's RJE supports half-duplex, point-to-point, synchronous communications and operates over dial-up and dedicated lines.

    Phrack Issue #18 (Crimson Death's Issue)

  • However, if you have your computer set for half-duplex and the host computer is actually operating in full duplex. each letter will appear twice -- once from the keyboard and once, echoing from the host, ggiiwiinngg tthhiiss ssoorrtt ooff eeffffeecctt.

    At King Lyndon's Court

  • Push-to-talk is a technology, which is used in walkie-talkies utilizing half-duplex communication method.

  • Communication is half-duplex, meaning that communication only happens in one direction at a time, so the protocol defines specific methods for two devices to ask for data and respond correctly.

    Ars Technica


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