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  • n. a communal bathhouse in Islamic countries.

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  • n. An establishment for bathing in the Oriental manner with sweating and manipulation; a Turkish or other Oriental bath.


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Turkish hamam, from Arabic حمّام (ḥammām).


  • If the hammam were a Greek tragedy, and in some ways I think it is, this man's entry is the peripeteia, the moment of dramatic reversal that marks the beginning of catharsis.

    Why Syria scrubs up so well

  • The hammam was a public bath in the classic Ara - bian mode.

    Split Infinity

  • Either way, the hammam is a great way to wash away the sins of summer and go forth into the fall with a glowing aura.


  • Afghan men and boys bathe in the hot room of what is known as a hammam on March 5 in Herat. Top headlines

  • In between the shops may often be noticed small doorways, whose white plaster is decorated by some bright though crude design in many colours; this is the "hammam," or public bath, while the shop of the barber, chief gossip and story-teller of his quarter, is easily distinguished by the fine-meshed net hung across the entrance as a protection against flies, for flies abound in Cairo, which, however disagreeable they may be, is perhaps fortunate in a country where the laws of sanitation are so lightly regarded.

    Peeps at Many Lands: Egypt

  • I sat with soap in my eye for 35-minutes during my hammam instead of gently asking for some water.

    Farryn Weiner: Being Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

  • Will you appreciate the sights of London, or Paris or Rome, or lazing in their pubs or cafes, any less knowing that you'll be returning to a piece of chocolate on your pillow, that your shampoo and conditioner come from Molton Brown, and that the hotel spa boasts both a sauna and a hammam?

    Where a Hotel Counts

  • There's a stocked wine cellar, a hammam, and a sauna.

    Dream Hideaways: The World's Top Microboutique Hotels

  • In the basement are an extensive Caudalie spa, private hammam, enormous gym, state-of-the-art Pilates studio, and wine cellar that seats 20 for dinner.

    Dream Hideaways: The World's Top Microboutique Hotels

  • Typically a hammam experience takes about two hours or more.

    Doni Belau: 4 Big Trends in Paris


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  • ...lying languidly on a tiger skin, fondling a scimitar...and bathing, lattice-lit, at a marble hammam.

    —Jeffrey Eugenides, 2002, Middlesex, p. 36

    August 16, 2008

  • "'God help us, Stephen,' he said, throwing a towell over his nakedness as Stephen came in, 'we might be in a hammam, a bagnio, a Turkish flaming bath. I must have lost a couple of stone.'

    "'You could spare as much again,' said Stephen. 'And since you are of a very full habit, you would certainly benefit from blood-letting. I will draw off sixteen or twenty ounces directly: you will feel more comfortable, and there will be a little less danger of siriasis or apoplexy,' he said, putting down the box he was carrying and drawing a lancet from his pocket."

    --Patrick O'Brian, Treason's Harbour, 189

    February 19, 2008