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  • v. To transmit in succession, as from father to son, or from predecessor to successor.
  • v. To deliver (the decision of a court, etc.)
  • v. To forward to the proper officer (the decision of a higher court).
  • v. To donate (as second hand.)


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  • She made an impression on my mind which was never effaced, and I distinctly recollect the joyful child, with light flowing locks and bright face, who led me by the hand down the back-steps of her house into the garden.

    Memoirs of Margaret Fuller Ossoli

  • Kurtz sighed, forearmed the thug in the throat, bent him back over the sink, and jammed Eddie's right hand down deep into the garbage disposal.


  • I moved round the colt's head and squatted down for a close look at his off-fore, running my hand down the back of his leg, feeling only a soft area of no resistance where normally there would be the tough bowstring tautness of the leg's main tendon.

    Come To Grief

  • Wriggling my hand down into the hole, I released my shoelace, yanked my foot out of the boot, and rolled over onto my right side, trying to keep my sock-covered foot out of the snow.

    127 Hours

  • Gage slapped his hand down on Dashs shoulder and tugged him away.


  • The golem reached its massive hand down to grab him, but Logan dodged away.

    GuildWars Edge of Destiny

  • Everything felt normal, just like blue-jean material and—he slid his hand down to touch the gap between the bottom of his pant leg and the top of his sock—like ordinary skin.


  • Nia slowly slid her hand down her bare midriff, effortlessly flexing her abdominal muscles while grinding her hips in a slow, raw, feminine gyration.

    The After Wife

  • I knew the call gizmo was knotted around one of the slats on the side of the mattress, so I went searching for it, sending my hand down the side of the bed and far out of sight.

    Hoopi Shoopi Donna

  • Heading into the corner and the bell lap, I put my left hand down on the ice, right behind Li Ye.

    Zero Regrets


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