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  • n. A prehistoric enclosure in the form of a circle or circular arc defined by a raised circular bank and a circular ditch usually running inside the bank, with one or more entrances leading into the enclosed open space.

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  • n. A Middle English form of hinge.
  • n. The heart, liver, and lights of an animal.
  • n. See the extract.


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Back-formation from Stonehenge, although it is not strictly a henge.


  • The new "henge" - which means a circular monument dating to Neolithic and Bronze Ages - is situated about 900m (2,950ft) from the giant stones on Salisbury Plain.

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  • A henge is a roughly circular flat area surrounded by a ditch and a bank of earth, sometimes with a ring of stones or wooden posts within the circular ditch.

    Kiwis Cop Stonehenge's Star Buzz

  • The second henge, which is thought to be a ceremonial monument, is about 900m from the ancient stones on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire.

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  • The word 'henge' dates back at least to Saxon times and means something hanging or suspended.

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  • The Tanuki in folklore is a shapeshifter, one of the creatures known as 'henge' in Japan.

    IGN Complete

  • Three rows, four rows, five—the destroyers formed a steaming henge before Big Snaff.

    GuildWars Edge of Destiny

  • Situated by the northern bank of the river Aire, the verdant building (which actually looks more like a hedge than a henge) is an eye-popping addition to the area.

    Harsh Paul | Inhabitat

  • Professor Mike Parker Pearson, an archaeologist who has been excavating for many seasons at Durrington Walls, another nearby timber henge site, has already suggested that timber henges and structures were associated with feasting for the living, and stone circles with the realms of the dead.

    Stonehenge twin discovered stone's throw away

  • The henge was revealed within a fortnight of an international team beginning fieldwork on the three-year Stonehenge Hidden Landscape project, which aims to survey and map 14 sq km of the sacred landscape around the world's most famous prehistoric monument, which is studded with thousands more monuments from single standing stones to ploughed out burial mounds.

    Stonehenge twin discovered stone's throw away

  • The survey suggests that the henge was on the same alignment as Stonehenge, and comprised a segmented ditch with north-east and south-west entrances, enclosing internal pits up to a metre in diameter believed to have held massive timbers.

    Stonehenge twin discovered stone's throw away


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  • The Century Dictionary has "2. The heart, liver, and lights of an animal."

    October 20, 2010