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  • n. Informal High fidelity.
  • n. Informal An electronic system for reproducing high-fidelity sound from radio or recordings.

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  • n. high fidelity


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

hi(gh) + fi(delity).

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Shortened form of high fidelity.


  • When you advise a woman to dally with men because they might, in exchange, arrange for that woman “to buy everything from electric blankets to hi-fi records wholesale,” then you have violated the signal code of people who were jolted from the middle class in the 1930s: their ardent desire to behave decently because, for a time in their lives, that behavior was all that separated them from the Helen Gurleys of the world.

    Sex and the Married Man

  • You'll have to deal with old-school speaker wire and installing the orbs into the Booster with a tiny screw-driver, but the set-up time is worth it for having what is essentially a full-fledged hi-fi on your desktop.

    Rock the Desktop

  • Martin Ramin for The Wall Street Journal Two Orb Speakers plus Booster, from $390 For the Hi-Fi Enthusiast It's a bit much to treat your computer's speakers like a veritable hi-fi set up, but Orb audio's small-scale components let you do it without too much desk clutter.

    Rock the Desktop

  • Be it stamps, old hi-fi equipment, vintage pocketknives, or real estate, when it comes to collectibles, our passions run hot.

    Arthur Rosenfeld: Investing in Ourselves

  • I know terms like "jitter" reek of hi-fi wonkery, but even my philistine ears could detect it (it's less of a discrete sound than an overall sense of dullness), so here's a simplified explanation: To capture analog sound in a digital format, thousands of snapshots of a sound wave are taken each second (44,100 for CD quality).

    Audio Alchemy in a Box

  • All 1500 kids trooped into the auditorium for what turned out to be about 10 'acts', mostly fellow Rothschild students lip-synching and choreographed dancing like Four Tops and Marvelettes to Motown songs 45s being played backstage with a mic on the hi-fi going through the tiny tinny PA.

    Binky Philips: Bay City Rollers, Richard Hell, Aretha Franklin, Tom Verlaine, Bobby "Blue" Bland, Humble Pie, and My Friend, Anthony Jones

  • Which? said it was not worth spending £25 on it as: "Our lab test showed it didn't reduce the power used, and actually increased it when it was linked to a plasma TV, a hi-fi or an energy-saving light bulb."

    Which? report highlights money-saving eco products 'you should avoid'

  • But even after college and in the real world, the bulk of my entertainment budget was earmarked for music – ahead of movies, appliances, dining-out – everything except maybe the hi-fi to listen to it on.

    iTunes price hike doesn’t do much: reports

  • Ma would play her old sixties records on the hi-fi when she cleaned the house, or paid bills at the dining room table.


  • A trial on the hi-fi restores parity a bit, but first impressions were crucial here.

    Pop World Cup 2010: Group D – Ghana 3 Germany 1 | FreakyTrigger


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