from The Century Dictionary.

  • An obsolete form of held, preterit and past participle of hold.
  • An element in proper names of Anglo-Saxon, German, or Scandinavian origin, as in Hilda (AS. Hild, etc.), Hildebert (OHG. Hiltibraht, ‘battle-bright’), Hildebrand (OHG. Hiltibrant, German Hildebrand, Icel. Hildibrandr, ‘battle-sword’), Hildegund (MHG. Hiltegunt, ‘battle-conflict’), Brunhild (OHG. Brunihild, MHG. Brünhilt, Icel. Brynhildr, ‘mailed battle’), Grimhild (MHG. Grīmhilt, Krīmhilt, Chrīmhilt, Chriemhilt, Kriemhilt, Icel. Grīmhildr, ‘helmet-battle’), Matilda (ML. and E., contr. Maud, MHG. Mahthilt, Mechtilt, French Mathilde, ‘might-battle’), etc.


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