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  • To hiss; make a sibilant sound by expelling the breath forcibly through the closed teeth.


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  • This was only apparent, however, for at the report he sprang to his feet as if he had heard the "hish" of the bullet as it passed close to his ears.

    Wood Rangers The Trappers of Sonora

  • I cannot believe from what I have heard of hish reputation that thish Clothahump would be sho foolish ash to deal with anything sho dangeroush.

    The Lives of Felix Gunderson

  • My only concern about him is hish height, as I like having big targets, but it sure looks like this guy is the real deal.

    Balloon Juice » 2006 » April

  • He then took my Scwinn, bent it practically in half and threw it into the soccer net so hish I couldn't pull it out of the tangle.

    kite and key party

  • Everyone still keeps it hish hush, even my brothers current condition and past problems are not openly discussed.

    The Devil Doesn't Always Wear Prada

  • Burgoyne, for hish part, was surprised by the warmth.

    Star Trek® New Frontier

  • Burgoyne laughed that delighted musical laugh and coquettishly ran hish fingers through hish close cut blond hair.

    Star Trek® New Frontier

  • Burgoyne made no effort to hide hish disappointment.

    Star Trek® New Frontier

  • Burgoyne shook hish head in annoyance as s/he looked over the damage report.

    Star Trek® New Frontier

  • Burgoyne nodded, rose, disappeared behind the bar, and returned a moment later with a glass containing the same dusky-colored liquid that was in hish glass.

    Star Trek® New Frontier


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  • an intensifier in Zuni : sometimes can be translated as very in English but additionally has the sense of -ishness.

    March 8, 2009