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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of immure.
  • adj. imprisoned or confined


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  • As I passed over them something drew me to descend, not that I so desired, but that the collective magnetic forces of the human beings therein immured, deprived me not only of the power, but, in a great degree, of the disposition to resist.

    Man's Rights: or, How Would You Like It?

  • I "immured" myself far away from the scene of turmoil and strife, and was happy so long as I kept my eyes on my books and manuscripts.

    Memoirs of 30 Years with the Indian Tribes on the American Frontiers

  • This lady died; but her lessons were indelibly impressed on the mind of Safie, who sickened at the prospect of again returning to Asia, and being immured within the walls of a haram, allowed only to occupy herself with infantile amusements, ill suited to the temper of her soul, now accustomed to grand ideas and a noble emulation for virtue.

    Chapter 14

  • The Prisoner of Chillon, by Lord Byron The speaker is immured in a dungeon whose walls plunge below the surface of Lake Geneva.

    Ten of the best

  • The Bear Boy struggles to climb out of what Thomas Mann called "the well of the past," the past that has immured him in an imaginary childhood.

    An Interview With Cynthia Ozick

  • We are the only ones here on a Wednesday morning and it adds to the atmosphere of almost being immured in the past.

    Guadalupe in Zacatecas: masterpieces of colonial art

  • But by the end, Hodge moves one with his image of a man as trapped and immured as any Beckett hero.

    Inadmissible Evidence - review

  • They who immured me for petty years gave to me, all unwittingly, the largess of the centuries.

    Chapter 1

  • Or were these memories of other times and places still residual, asleep, immured in solitary in brain cells similarly to the way I was immured in a cell in San Quentin?

    Chapter 6

  • We can never underestimate the amount of ideas that are immured within our minds, waiting to break free.

    Cody Pomeranz: The Squandered Superpower: How America Has Stunted Imagination


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  • enclosed withing (past tense of immure)

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