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  • v. Present participle of indicate.


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  • In any case, the exchange would cause ratings companies to place Greece into "selective default"—a term indicating it has defaulted on some obligations but is honoring others.

    Europe Launches a Massive Greek Bailout

  • Lenses should have a label indicating that they block over 90 percent of UVA and 95 percent of UVB.

    You Being Beautiful

  • “Placed” is a term indicating that the student did not meet all of the requirements for promotion but was moved to the next grade anyway.

    The Unmotivated Child

  • A licensed technician with two years of field experience is eligible to become a certified commercial pesticide applicator, a designation indicating a higher level of competency in the industry.

    Women Enlist For the Battle Against Pests

  • He poured the water into the tub, nothing in his expression indicating the sympathy he felt.

    A Wicked Gentleman

  • Okagawa noticed the shock of surprise that seemed to grip several of her companions, most notably Kelthos, who folded his arms and sat back in his chair, his expression indicating that the Klingon was through with the current conversation.

    Creative Couplings

  • Data paused briefly, his expression indicating he was considering this new thread of thought.


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  • The intricacies of ancient Chinese culture as revealed in the text, with its complex social hierarchies, demanding ways of interaction, extensive death rituals and multiple layers of existence, from the creative power of "heaven" a word indicating both the sky and the natural world at large through gods and humans to animals and ghosts -- they all spark interest, transcend present limitations, open new ways of seeing and of being in the world.

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  • Though some who oppose homosexuality may actually be motivated by homophobia, yet rather than the use of the term indicating a serious belief that most or all of the people opposed to homosexuality are repressed homosexuals, or possess an irrational fear of the same sex or homosexuals in particular, the widespread use of the term has been increasingly evidenced as being a means of psychological intimidation and mind control used in promoting the

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