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  • adj. Intruding or tending to intrude.
  • adj. Geology Of or relating to igneous rock that is forced while molten into cracks or between other layers of rock.
  • adj. Linguistics Epenthetic.

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  • adj. Tending or apt to intrude; doing that which is not welcome; interrupting or disturbing; entering without right or welcome.
  • adj. Of rocks: forced, while in a plastic or molten state, into the cavities or between the cracks or layers of other rocks.
  • n. An igneous rock that is forced, while molten, into cracks or between other layers of rock

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Apt to intrude; characterized by intrusion; entering without right or welcome.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Apt to intrude; coming unbidden or without welcome; appearing undesirably: as, intrusive thoughts or guests.
  • Done or effected by intrusion; carried out by irregular or unauthorized entrance: as, intrusive interference.
  • Thrust in out of regular place or order; introduced from an extraneous source; due to intrusion or irregular entrance.
  • Specifically, in geology applied to those igneous masses which have forced their way between older rocks and have never reached the surface: contrasted with extrusive. See intrusive rocks, under intrusive.
  • n. In geology, a mass of igneous rock which has forced its way between older walls or strata, but has never reached the surface of the earth. Intrusives occur as batholiths, laccoliths, intruded sheets, and dikes.

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  • adj. tending to intrude (especially upon privacy)
  • adj. of rock material; forced while molten into cracks between layers of other rock
  • adj. thrusting inward


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  • It's not about "whether I can sing off a line" about the number of federal agencies, Mr. Perry said, explaining that his campaign is about cutting back what he described as the intrusive reach of government.

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  • That situation was complicated by the book she wrote, which was called intrusive, but it seemed to me that Myerson's chief crime was to shatter the conspiracy of silence.

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  • Karla Fisk, another Cooper St. resident, has been leading the charge to put an end to the outdoor music that she called "intrusive."

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  • "They are the radical issues that we should be addressing and not short-term intrusive fixes."

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  • She did a truly commendable job of being companionable without being intrusive, which is to say she stayed within 2 feet of us the whole time, never stole anything, gave polite kisses, didn't knock over anything and actually curled up behind me to lie down once near the end.

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  • Canadians were unhappy with so-called intrusive questions, the aggravation of filling it out and even a few were convinced the census was part of a government plot, according to - Home Page

  • Yet, given your fearful response, the scary hand may refer to an intrusive presence in your life, an infringement of personal space.

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  • Additionally, the game includes a simple, stylish, and effective in-game map system that is both functional and non-intrusive, which is a huge bonus. Gold Box Deals

  • David Eby of the BC Civil Liberties Association called the intrusive role played by the police against anti-Olympic protesters in advance of the Games, 'an embarrassment to the country.'

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  • David Eby of the BC Civil Liberties Association called the intrusive role played by the police against anti-Olympic protesters in advance of the Games, "an embarrassment to the country."

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