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  • n. The lower edge of the side of the face (below the cheek), defined by the jawbone.


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jaw + line


  • Hayden Christianson's jawline is like my brother's so Anakin sort of reminds me of him.

    lalala packing and going to beeeed

  • The jawline is easy to spot, no matter how bad the angle.

    Twilight Lexicon » New Picture

  • The smear of ink across my jawline is the least of my problems.

    White Cat

  • He was clean-shaven and wearing a dress, heels and makeup at the time, but he does have a very strong jawline which is both a real biological tendency of men and the socialized expectation of them and wear his hair short.

    HOW DO WE DECIPHER SEX IN DAILY LIFE? » Sociological Images

  • He had an Irish nose, a classically Greek jawline, and so did Janice.

    The Adults

  • I said when he moved his mouth along my jawline and I felt it tingle all the way down to . . .


  • Check out the ESPN interview online—Ortiz is sporting an elaborate, reverse Trent Dilfer, shaving the outline of a goatee his jawline, with a long strip running from his mouth to his chin that looks like an access ramp on the Jersey turnpike.

    The Curse of Dan Johnson

  • The new movie "Melancholia" is getting attention not just because it features Kirsten Dunst's comeback, Alexander Skarsgård's jawline and the end of the planet.

    Lighting Up Our Mental Ills

  • On his wrist was a thick Audemars Piguet watch, and a shadow of black stubble was sprouting along his jawline.

    Djoko State of Mind

  • The unofficial sixth Stone, keyboardist Ian Stewart, "had a Popeye torso, a William Bendix jawline, and a bad Ray Danton haircut."

    Michael Sigman: Andrew Oldham's Tales of Getting (Rolling) Stoned


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