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  • adj. Inspiring or deserving of lament or regret; deplorable or pitiable. See Synonyms at pathetic.

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  • adj. Causing sorrow, distress or regret; deplorable, pitiful or distressing.

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  • adj. Mourning; sorrowful; expressing grief.
  • adj. Fitted to awaken lament; to be lamented; sorrowful; pitiable; regrettable; unfortunate.
  • adj. Miserable; pitiful; paltry; -- in a contemptuous or ridiculous sense.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • To bo lamented; exciting or calling for sorrow; grievous: as, a lamentable deterioration of morals.
  • Expressive of grief; mournful: as, a lamentable cry.
  • Miserable; pitiful; low; poor.

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  • adj. bad; unfortunate


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Latin lāmentābilis ("full of sorrow, mournful; deplorable"), from lāmentor ("lament"), from lāmenta ("wailing, weeping").


  • She pointed to what she called lamentable living standards and unbelievable corruption in this country that supplies the U.S. with crude oil.

    Bomb Bid Throws Nigeria Into Terrorism Debate

  • Hence what she describes as the lamentable four-year period of "apostasy" forced upon Shakespeare after The Merchant of Venice, during which he was obliged to abandon or temper his "elegantly encrypted appeals" before returning to them with a difference in Julius Caesar.

    The One and Only

  • The children were crying with hunger in lamentable fashion.

    Memoirs of Madame Vigée Lebrun

  • Viewed as it stood in the reality, as he was and as it was, the enterprise, since it proved so unfortunate, may be called lamentable, but cannot be called unnatural.

    Paras. 25-49

  • It was a painting, impregnated with ancient mysticism, representing the figure of Jesus with eyes closed, forehead bloody, expression lamentable and dead; the head seemed to be cut off, separated from the body, and placed there on a gray linen cloth.


  • He also pointed out the damage always caused by internal friction in the nation's sports administration, describing as lamentable a situation where the ministry and the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) are always at loggerheads in the build-up to major competitions.

    Thisday Online

  • British manufacturing activity rose to its highest level in more than two years in December, buoyed by a sharp jump in new orders, a closely watched survey showed Last week's Hoon-Hewitt coup has been described as a lamentable failure. - Business News

  • Last week's Hoon-Hewitt coup has been described as a lamentable failure. - Articles related to Gordon Brown's debt denial 'is worse than Nazi appeasement before WW2'

  • Many orphans (i.e., unwanted children) worldwide are created by the sword in countries where parents are slaughtered in for ethnic reasons that our media and State Department refer to as lamentable "civil wars" in which no outside forces should interfere.

    The Vail Trail - All Sections

  • District Court Judge Thomas A. Hogan, whose ruling nevertheless described the case as "lamentable" and "appalling."

    Donald Rumsfeld Torture Lawsuit Fizzles, Again


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