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  • transitive v. To lower the pride, dignity, or self-respect of. See Synonyms at degrade.

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  • v. To injure a person's dignity and self-respect.

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  • transitive v. To reduce to a lower position in one's own eyes, or in the eyes of others; to cause a loss of pride or dignity; to humble; to mortify.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • To cause to be or appear lower or more humble; depress; especially, to abase in estimation; subject to shame or disgrace; mortify: as, to humiliate one's self by a confession; to humiliate a boaster.
  • Synonyms Debase, Degrade, etc. (see abase); mortify, shame, put to shame, put down, dishonor.

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  • v. cause to feel shame; hurt the pride of


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Late Latin humiliāre, humiliāt-, to humble, from humilis, humble; see humble.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Late Latin humiliatus, past participle of humiliare ("to abase, humble"), from Latin humilis ("lowly, humble"), from humus ("ground; earth, soil"); see humble.


  • Scotland's Cardinal Keith O'Brien, who will welcome Benedict when he arrives in Edinburgh on Thursday (Sept. 16), recently voiced bitterness over press coverage when he accused the government-funded British Broadcasting Company of attempting to "humiliate" Benedict.

    Pope Benedict To Encounter Hostile Audience In U.K. Visit

  • This tactic has been used by Israel's so-called friends in prievious wars launched against her in order not to "humiliate" the Arabs and compromise their "honour".

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • So they decide to do what one of Warman's wards calls "the ultimate expression of free speech": they're going to physically attack Icke in public, by throwing a pie in his face, to "humiliate" him.

    Ezra Levant: January 2008 Archives

  • The scene in the video where Warman is sitting around with some street urchins, gleefully plotting to "humiliate" Icke told me all I needed to know: Warman wasn't about human rights, or elevating society, or the best of the human spirit.

    Ezra Levant: February 2008 Archives

  • I am slowly but surely gathering a dossier of photographs that I could use against Travis, I say 'use against', but I actually mean 'humiliate'. ;- in event of him ever obtaining high office.

    The Trav Randall Caption Competition

  • This raid shows the U.S. has not learned the lessons of Abu Ghraib, and is still trying to "humiliate" perceived opponents.


  • U.S. NAVAL BASE GUANTANAMO, Cuba - Omar Khadr provoked a delay in the pre-trial hearings of his war crimes case Thursday after refusing to wear blinder goggles and sound-blocking earmuffs for transport to court - saying the security accessories were intended to "humiliate" detainees. Top Stories

  • Opposition to the league tables is one of the main reasons both unions oppose the Sats as they say they "humiliate" and pressurise schools and teachers.

    British Blogs

  • A number of sexual acts are also discussed to "humiliate" the victim.

    Latest News - Yahoo!7 News

  • O'Brien also voiced fears that the broadcaster will use a forthcoming documentary called Benedict - Trials of a Pope to 'humiliate' the pontiff on the eve of his visit to Britain.

    From the North...


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