from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • transitive v. To put an end to forcibly; subdue.
  • transitive v. To curtail or prohibit the activities of.
  • transitive v. To keep from being revealed, published, or circulated.
  • transitive v. To deliberately exclude (unacceptable desires or thoughts) from the mind.
  • transitive v. To inhibit the expression of (an impulse, for example); check: suppress a smile.
  • transitive v. To reduce the incidence or severity of (a hemorrhage or cough, for example); arrest.

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  • v. To hold in place, to keep low, to prevent publication.
  • v. To forbid the use of evidence at trial because it is improper or was improperly obtained.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • transitive v. To overpower and crush; to subdue; to put down; to quell.
  • transitive v. To keep in; to restrain from utterance or vent.
  • transitive v. To retain without disclosure; to conceal; not to reveal; to prevent publication of.
  • transitive v. To stop; to restrain; to arrest the discharges of.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • To overpower; subdue; put down; quell; crush; stamp out.
  • To restrain from utterance or vent; keep in; repress: as, to suppress a groan.
  • To withhold from disclosure; conceal; refuse or forbear to reveal; withhold from publication; withdraw from circulation, or prohibit circulation of: as, to suppress evidence; to suppress a letter; to suppress an article or a poem.
  • To hinder from passage or circulation; stop; stifle; smother.
  • To stop by remedial means; check; restrain: as, to suppress a diarrhea or a hemorrhage.

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  • v. put out of one's consciousness
  • v. reduce the incidence or severity of or stop
  • v. come down on or keep down by unjust use of one's authority
  • v. control and refrain from showing; of emotions, desires, impulses, or behavior
  • v. to put down by force or authority


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Middle English suppressen, from Latin supprimere, suppress- : sub-, sub- + premere, to press.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Latin suppressus, perfect passive participle of supprimō ("press down or under"), from sub ("under") + premō ("press").


  • However, when governments spit on human rights, posting what they wish to suppress is one way humans can protest.

    Boing Boing: July 10, 2005 - July 16, 2005 Archives

  • I don't want to use the word suppress, because he was in my thoughts and I was dealing with it daily, but as powerful a moment as it was to lose your father when he was so young, nevertheless, I did suppress it.


  • I don't want to use the word suppress, because he was in my thoughts and I was dealing with it on a daily basis.


  • World Health Organization civil union diana bryant right fires freedom of speech lie detector muslim nrl on-air lie detector segment peter gregory radio stunt sport word suppress

    Matriarchy: A way of peace

  • The Harvard administration was attempting to do privately and indirectly what it would not do publicly and brazenly, namely suppress freedom of speech, which was precisely the aim of McCarthy.

    'Veritas' at Harvard: Another Exchange

  • As no individual, mighty as he may be, can by a blasphemous word suppress the existence of the Eternal

    The Continental Monthly, Vol. 6, No 2, August, 1864 Devoted to Literature and National Policy

  • That's not exactly true either; that money was paid to a law firm, and even WND, in the documentation it has provided to back up the claim, has offered no evidence that all of the money went to "suppress" information about Obama's birth.

    Terry Krepel: Pat Boone, Obama-Hater

  • Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin says it is necessary to "suppress" extremism following ethnic clashes in Moscow.

    Putin Calls for Suppressing Extremism

  • Shelby says NASA trying to 'suppress' Constellation supporters in ranks, Huntsville Times

    NASA Watch: Keith Cowing: May 2010 Archives

  • And I think we should talk about it rather than trying to kind of suppress this discussion, which is important in revealing how far we still have to go as a nation.

    CNN Transcript Jan 11, 2010


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