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  • The symbol for the element sulfur.
  • The symbol for entropy.
  • abbr. Bible Samuel
  • abbr. satisfactory
  • abbr. Saturday
  • abbr. siemens
  • abbr. small
  • abbr. soprano
  • abbr. south
  • abbr. southern
  • abbr. Baseball strike
  • abbr. Sunday

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  • n. The nineteenth letter of the basic modern Latin alphabet.
  • n. symbol for sulfur / sulphur
  • n. symbol for siemens, a measure of electrical conductance.
  • n. symbol for spat (obsolete astronomical unit of distance).
  • n. symbol for svedberg (unit of sedimentation rate in ultracentrifugation).
  • n. IUPAC 1-letter abbreviation for serine
  • n. symbol for storativity
  • n. The nineteenth letter of the English alphabet, called ess and written in the Latin script.
  • n. The ordinal number nineteenth, derived from this letter of the English alphabet, called ess and written in the Latin script.
  • n. American Library Association Abbreviation for sextodecimo, a book size, 15-17.5 cm in height.


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  • Chapter III-2 Supply Chain Management: IOMA Readers Report What Works E X C L U S I V E S U RV E Y: R        S        B    S T S F P P

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