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  • n. A thin plate, sheet, or layer.
  • n. Botany The expanded area of a leaf or petal; a blade.
  • n. Botany The bladelike part of a kelp.
  • n. A thin layer of bone, membrane, or other tissue.
  • n. Zoology A thin scalelike or platelike structure, as one of the thin layers of sensitive vascular tissue in the hoof of a horse.
  • n. Geology A narrow bed of rock.

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  • n. A very thin layer of material.
  • n. A thin plate or scale, such as the arch of a vertebra.
  • n. The flat part of a leaf or leaflet; the blade.

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  • n. A thin plate or scale; a layer or coat lying over another; -- said of thin plates or platelike substances, as of bone or minerals.
  • n. The blade of a leaf; the broad, expanded portion of a petal or sepal of a flower.
  • n. A thin plate or scale; specif., one of the thin, flat processes composing the vane of a feather.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A thin plate or scale.
  • n. The inner table of the skull.
  • n. Synonyms Lamina, lamella. In zoölogy and anatomy these words are usually absolutely synonymous, used interchangeably and without distinction. If there be a possible distinction, it is that lamella may oftener apply to something smaller or thinner than a lamina: for instance, the cover of a book is a lamina, containing leaves or lamellæ. Haeckel draws and maintains this distinction in embryology.

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  • n. a thin plate or layer (especially of bone or mineral)


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Latin lāmina.

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From Latin lāmina ("thin sheet of material")


  • You know the properties of thin laminae: each ray reflected from such a lamina is formed by the superposition of a ray reflected from the front side of the lamina on a ray reflected from the rear side.

    Jean Baptiste Perrin - Nobel Lecture

  • For each elementary colour these rays add together or subtract from one another according to a classical formula, depending on whether they are in phase or out of phase; in particular, there is extinction when the thickness of the lamina is an even multiple of one quarter of the wavelength, and there is maximum reflection when it is an odd multiple.

    Jean Baptiste Perrin - Nobel Lecture

  • On the inner surface of the lamina choriocapillaris is a very thin, structureless, or faintly fibrous membrane, called the lamina basalis; it is closely connected with the stroma of the choroid, and separates it from the pigmentary layer of the retina.

    X. The Organs of the Senses and the Common Integument. 1c. 1. The Tunics of the Eye

  • Z.L. Placed over the shallow dental furrow, points to the dental lamina, which is spread out below to form the enamel germ of the future tooth.

    Illustrations. Fig. 1009

  • According to the facts of the case, the plaintiff was injured during the routine sinus surgery procedure, which was intended to clear sinusitis from the plaintiff's maxillary sinus, when the surgeon instead operated in the ethmoid sinus, cut through the side of the orbit of the eye, known as the lamina papyracea, and then severed the medial rectus muscle, which stabilizes and moves the eye.

    PRWeb - Daily News Feed

  • Called a laminotomy, it's an arthroscopic procedure that shaves a portion of the bony plate known as the lamina and is supposed to eliminate the pain Gallinari has been feeling in his lower back since he and Robert "Tractor" Traylor collided in the Knicks 'first 2008 summer league game.

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  • Mr. Symons does acknowledge the Lord Lamington connection, but adds a further theory: That "the name refers to a 'lamina' of golden apricot jam filling, used to provide moisture to leftover cake."


  • Another instance of the development of parts usually suppressed, is afforded by the bud-scales of _Magnolia fuscata_, which may sometimes be found with small but perfect leaves projecting from them, the leaf in this case being the lamina which is ordinarily abortive, while the scales are the representatives of the stipules.

    Vegetable Teratology An Account of the Principal Deviations from the Usual Construction of Plants

  • Sikhs are allowed to wear a kirpan in public places but only if the blade or "lamina" is less than 10cm. Current News - Top Stories

  • This study outlines graded production of the proinflammatory cytokine IL-6 in the intestinal lamina propria of children with UC.

    IBD clinical studies: diagnostic testing


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  • Animal loots foliated detail of stool lamina.

    November 23, 2009