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  • adjective Of, pertaining to, or composed of leptons.


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  • The scientific quest for a “theory of everything” tacitly assumes, as several noted scientists have already observed, unchanging universal scientific principles, such as an unvarying weak force on the leptonic level and a constant speed of light over time.

    April « 2010 « L.E. Modesitt, Jr. – The Official Website

  • We tried to elucidate the limitations on the mass and lifetime of neutrinos in using cosmological arguments when similar flavour mixing exists within a leptonic sector.

    Makoto Kobayashi - Autobiography

  • Maybe that's why Amazon is pushing plastic leptonic books.

    Jeff Mayersohn: Why I Bought a Bookstore

  • So if we have a way of efficiently generating a leptonic asymmetry in the early universe, anomalous electroweak processes can then equilibrate that asymmetry into one partly in leptons and partly in baryons – yielding our required baryon asymmetry!

    Matter v Antimatter III: Leptogenesis

  • Next we compute the coefficient of bulk viscosity and the corresponding damping time scale due to the non-leptonic weak process including $\Lambda$ hyperons.


  • Measurement of the time dependence of this charge asymmetry, following a regenerator, permitted a determination of the regeneration phase; this, together with the earlier interference experiments, yielded, for the first time, the CP-violating phase jh+ - and, in consequence, as well as the observed magnitudes of the CP-violating amplitudes in the two-pion and the leptonic decays, certain checks of the superweak model.

    Jack Steinberger - Autobiography

  • KL in the two-pion and leptonic decay modes, thus leading us to obtain highly precise results on the CP-violating parameters in K0 decay.

    Jack Steinberger - Autobiography

  • Other experiments yielded information on pion-proton scattering, parity violation in non-leptonic hyperon decay, and the branching ratios in positive K meson decay.

    Donald A. Glaser - Biography


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