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  • adj. Pathology Having extreme muscular or arterial tension.
  • adj. Chemistry Having the higher osmotic pressure of two solutions.

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  • adj. having a greater osmotic pressure than another
  • adj. having a very high muscular tension; spastic

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  • n. Having a higher osmotic pressure than a comparison solution; -- of an aqueous solution. Increasing the concentration of dissolved solids increases the osmotic pressure, and thus the tonicity of a solution. Opposite of hypotonic and contrasting with isotonic.
  • n. Having an osmotic pressure greater than that of blood plasma, which is approximately that of a 0.2 normal solution of sodium chloride. Cells taken from a medium of normal physiological osmolality and placed in a hypertonic medium will shrink.
  • n. in a state of abnormally high tension; -- of muscle.

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  • In physical chemistry, having a greater osmotic pressure than some solution regarded as a standard. See isotonic, 2.

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  • adj. (of living tissue) in a state of abnormally high tension
  • adj. (of a solution) having a higher osmotic pressure than a comparison solution


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  • Without their knowledge, local trauma patients who meet the criteria to be in the study are randomly assigned to receive an IV drip of normal saline solution or one of two types of "hypertonic" saline solution.

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  • "At present there appears to be no compelling reason to adopt a practice of hypertonic fluid resuscitation for TBI [traumatic brain injury] in the out-of-hospital setting."

    Saline Fluid Fails in Brain Therapy

  • Dr. Mayer and University of Washington surgery Prof. Eileen M. Bulger, who conducted this study, said hypertonic fluids still may have a role in treating severely injured, hospitalized patients with elevated intra-cranial pressure ..

    Saline Fluid Fails in Brain Therapy

  • For years, the solution, known as hypertonic fluid, has been thought to improve blood flow in the brain while relieving intracranial pressure, both of which have been believed to be helpful in patients with traumatic brain injury.

    Saline Fluid Fails in Brain Therapy

  • "The question was whether that hypertonic blast would be the magic bullet, but the answer is no."

    Saline Fluid Fails in Brain Therapy

  • In the study on hypertonic fluids, 1,282 patients treated by 114 paramedic agencies were given either standard saline or hypertonic solutions, which contained eight times as much saline.

    Saline Fluid Fails in Brain Therapy

  • This discovery led researchers to develop a hypertonic saline solution, which when inhaled recreates the effect of a typical "surf session," and is now used by cystic fibrosis patients around the world. 

    Stacie Krajchir: What Quiksilver Taught Me About Cystic Fibrosis

  • I worked in a nursing home for many years, and among the demented and hypertonic lived two young men one in his twenties and one in his forties, both of whom had spinal cord/closed head injuries.

    A Proposal: NHP = DNR

  • The probable mechanism of DKA in the above case was physical stress from hypertonic dehydration due to a combination of poor fluid intake, vomiting and hyperglycemia from the high carbohydrate meal supplement in the setting of insulin resistance due to obesity.

    I’ll see your ketoacidosis and raise you a renal failure | The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.

  • Zubieta and colleagues examined the effect of deep sustained pain — produced by a prolonged infusion of 5 percent hypertonic saline into the masseter muscle –with or without a placebo in young male volunteers.

    Placebo Effect may actually be Physical | Impact Lab


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