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  • n. A local linguistic feature.
  • n. A local custom or peculiarity.
  • n. Devotion to local interests and customs.

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  • n. a linguistic feature that is unique to a locality
  • n. Attachment to a particular local place; feelings or policies which emphasize local phenomena

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  • n. The state or quality of being local; affection for a particular place.
  • n. A method of speaking or acting peculiar to a certain district; a local idiom or phrase.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The state or condition of being local or localized; limitation to a place or to a locality; also, the influence exerted by a locality.
  • n. Attachment to a locality, or a peculiar limited phase of thought or feeling growing out of such attachment; provincialism; in general, any product of local influences: as, the localism of one's views or affections.
  • n. A mode of speaking or acting peculiar to a place; a local idiom, phrase, or custom.

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  • n. a partiality for some particular place
  • n. a phrase or pronunciation that is peculiar to a particular locality


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local +‎ -ism


  • Peter Hetherington on whether Eric Pickles 'commitment to localism is matched by his cabinet colleagues.

    Society daily 02.11.10

  • Survival-inspired interest in localism has resonated with me especially since reading the fiction piece "Diary of an Interesting Year" by Helen Simpson, in the New Yorker's December 2009 issue, wherein a post-apocalyptic England sees a large number of deaths of -- chaos and anarchy aside -- women who weren't informed enough to carry out a home birth.

    Alexandra Marvar: Artists Barter for Health Care at the First O+ Festival

  • The government's approach in practice, however, has thus far been marked by inconsistency and incoherence, not helped by a definition of localism that is extremely elastic," the report, from the Commons communities and local government select committee, says."

    David Cameron's localism bill is incoherent, say MPs

  • I mean localism is a powerful message but then why impose pet policies on councils?

    Hold fast !

  • So localism is likely to lead to unequal provision.

    Localism and equality

  • The essence of localism is experiment: different communities will do things in different ways.

    Localism and equality

  • It was a pity the NP had not had the courage of its convictions to call "localism" - a core element of its new policy unveiled on

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • First, this is a government committed to local decision-making - "localism" - but it doesn't stop Eric Pickles and his ministerial team from making menacing interventions, warning councils not to do this or that.

    The Guardian World News

  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought you were quite a fan of 'localism' - you know, that thing were local people, local communities and local councils decide what is best for them.

    Letters From A Tory

  • If he thinks localism is such a wonderful thing, let’s see Sen. Conrad endorse a similar limitation on private health insurers: confine their ability to do business to their states of domicile.

    Wonk Room » Can Conrad’s Cooperative Compromise Meet The Goals Of A Public Health Care Plan?


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