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  • v. To watch or protect; to keep safe.

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  • v. keep under careful scrutiny


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  • The Dutch burghers who ran the town which had a considerable English population, there to look after the interests of the Honourable East India Company rubbed their hands in glee at the prospect of fat profits and prolonged the negotiations for victualling the fleet into weeks.

    Morgan’s Run

  • Sharon retold the story as briefly as she could and made an even sketchier explanation of how and why she had volunteered to look after Ridge in his home.

    Western Man

  • “Who was going to look after them when I go away to college?” he asked Dr. Horsehead.

    Some Fun

  • Who would look after his little girl if they sent him up the river to Newgate Prison in the village of Greenwich to do hard labor for a year or maybe two?

    City of Glory

  • Katie Conroy was to have full charge of the housekeeping, and Robert Ireton to have charge of the outdoor work, so that Cousin Lucy would have nothing to do but look after the children.

    Caddie Woodlawn’s Family

  • The clergyman deputed by the bishop to look after the prisoners had to inquire constantly "quae illorum cura adhibeatur, cum in primis ad animae salutem, tum etiam ad corporis sustentationem", i.e. what care was taken of them, first in regard to their spiritual needs and then as to their physical welfare.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 12: Philip II-Reuss

  • “What is ‘greasy’?” asked Taffy Edmunds, delegated to look after the quarterdeck sheep in tandem with Bill Whiting—a choice which had provoked considerable mirth in the prison but did not displease the shepherds, both farm boys far too canny to admit that they were farm boys.

    Morgan’s Run

  • When the plot needs to be rid of her, Divorcée catches sight of her ex and his new wife and off she goes to look after them.

    All The Available Light

  • A faithful houseboy Ramu would cook, clean and look after their comfort.

    A Book of Miracles

  • There were a lot of new people in the town, Poles, Lithuanians, Latvians, Nigerians, and maybe there would be some woman whom he could pay to look after his aunt in her own house.

    The Empty Family


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