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  • n. The rendering of computer-generated imagery using low-end (real time) 3D engines such as those found in video games, as opposed to the high-end, complex 3D engines used by professionals.
  • n. The genre of films created by such techniques.


Blend of machine and cinema (Wiktionary)



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  • “Video-game aficionados have been creating “machinima�? -- an ungainly term mixing “machine�? and “cinema�? and pronounced ma-SHEEN-i-ma -- since the late 90's. “Red vs. Blue�? is the first to break out of the underground, and now corporations like Volvo are hiring machinima artists to make short promotional films, while MTV, Spike TV and the Independent Film Channel are running comedy shorts and music videos produced inside games.�?

    The New York Times, The Xbox Auteurs, by Clive Thompson, August 7, 2005

    February 18, 2009