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  • n. A structure or figure, often in the shape of an oval shield or oblong scroll, used as an architectural or graphic ornament or to bear a design or inscription.
  • n. An oval or oblong figure in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics that encloses characters expressing the names or epithets of royal or divine personages.
  • n. A heavy paper cartridge case.

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  • n. An ornamental figure, often on an oval shield.
  • n. an oval figure containing characters that represent the names of royal or divine people.
  • n. A paper cartridge.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A roll or case of paper holding a charge for a firearm; a cartridge.
  • n. A cartridge-box (which see).
  • n. A case of wood bound about with marline, containing several iron balls of a pound each and about 400 musket-balls, to be fired from a cannon or howitzer. Farrow, Mil. Encyc.
  • n. An oval or oblong figure on ancient Egyptian monuments and in papyri, containing groups of characters expressing the names or titles of royal personages and, rarely, of deities: a name given by Champollion.
  • n. A painted, engraved, or sculptured ornament of irregular or fantastic form, inclosing a plain central space used as a field for inscriptions, etc.
  • n. In heraldry, a name given in England to the oval escutcheon often seen in Italian heraldry, and generally considered to be peculiar to ecclesiastics.

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  • n. a cartridge (usually with paper casing)


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

French, from Italian cartoccio, paper cornet, from carta, card, paper; see carton.

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From French cartouche, from Italian cartuccia, from carta, from Latin charta, from Ancient Greek χάρτης (khartēs).


  • The wood of this cartouche is the same as that of the basilisks upon the arms, being very hard and close-grained, and of a tawny, yellow hue, like boxwood.

    Pharaohs, Fellahs and Explorers

  • Her cartouche is sculptured in the space between her right arm and left knee, but the hieroglyphic characters have been erased, and it is no longer legible.

    Pharaohs, Fellahs and Explorers

  • The insubordinate ringleader is dismissed with 'yellow furlough,' yellow infamous thing they call cartouche jaune: but ten new ringleaders rise in his stead, and the yellow cartouche ceases to be thought disgraceful.

    The French Revolution

  • A symbol called a cartouche is like a pharaoh's stamp with his or her name on it.

    A trip to Luxor

  • To the captives, the cartouche was a message of hope, as a sign that they were not outside the sphere of Egypt.

    A Desert Drama Being The Tragedy Of The "Korosko"

  • For the hieroglyphics, why not include a "cartouche" I don't know the English translation with Nefertari's name?

    Covers, Egyptian Style

  • Moslems: in one of the Mameluke Soldans 'sepulchres near Cairo I found a granite slab bearing the "cartouche" (shield) of Khufu

    Arabian nights. English

  • There were a ton of cool things in Dr. El-Baz's office, including a photomural of the space shuttle behind his desk and a cartouche with his name written out in hieroglyphics.

    Zoe P. Strassfield: The Best First Day of School Ever!

  • While Hercules and Apollo perform superhuman feats in Le Brun's majestic ceiling paintings, bushy-tailed squirrels peer out from the background or pose in secondary panels, including an oblong cartouche in the Salon des Muses emblazoned with Fouquet's motto, Quo non ascendet?

    Beware of Catching the King's Eye

  • ‘Start with the cartouche,’ my mother used to say.

    Aching for Always


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  • drawing of magic rope for the purpose of preserving memory.

    April 22, 2009

  • Elongated 2D oval shape or outline inside which words are written



    December 19, 2006