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  • As God wills: an exclamation used by Persians, Turks, and Arabs to express wonder or admiration.


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  • One thing I absolutely don't miss is these idiot scholars on TV rolling their eyes to heaven and allowing the dumbest shit to roll off their tongues for hours at a time while you have to sit there going 'mashallah' because saying 'This guy is a total wanker' is unacceptable even though it is true.

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  • As a faithful, feminist Muslim, I say 'mashallah' for this riveting novel. "

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  • October 19th, 2009 at 2: 53 pm PDT we arabs usually say ‘mashallah’ if we something mind blowing and this really deserves a mashallah reply desiree

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  • Doctor, mashallah! you have a good taste -- the moon face, the stag eye, the cypress waist, everything is here.

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  • “Bismillah, mashallah, barikallah,” said I; which means, “My good friend, what I have seen is not worth the trouble of relation, and fills my bosom with the darkest forebodings.”

    The Tremendous Adventures of Major Gahagan

  • "Bismillah, mashallah, barikallah," said I; which means, "My good friend, what I have seen is not worth the trouble of relation, and fills my bosom with the darkest forebodings."


  • Inshallah when you all go you will be blessed enough to see the shrine yourself and the inside too because it was so big ... and so beautiful .. mind blowing mashallah - Photown News

  • Yousuf M: Marzouq send the to**ent link ... wet knickers: she's hot mashallah! jason s ...

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  • Allah has guided you towards the truth!! mashallah. i am very happy for you. i hope that you do the following and become a muslims. if you do this not only will you find peace in mind but you will also become part of the biggest family, a family of over 1.5 billion brothers and sisters. alhumdulilah, may Allah bless and continue to guide you to the truth.

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  • Ammar: Alf Mabrouk! mashallah she's so cute, and about that 24 hour labour, see Mira here works on Jordan time, it's your fault for being in Seatle, otherwise she would've arrived in just a few m

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  • qroqqa found God in the bath.

    April 15, 2009

  • I've been having a bit of a think about this tense in the bath. Shâ'a is perfective: it would normally be translated by an English past, as in 'John wanted a bicycle' (and either did or didn't get one). The imperfective is yashâ', normally "wants", as in 'John wants a bicycle' (and might or might not be getting one for Christmas). The divine will, however, at least in the more orthodox branches of Islam, presumably has the property that what God wills, God definitely gets, so the perfective shâ'a is appropriate with present or aorist meaning.

    April 15, 2009

  • duly noted

    April 15, 2009

  • 'Tisn't. It's "what God wills": Arabic mâshâ'allâh from "what" + shâ'a "he wants" + Allâh "God", with elision of the initial vowel of Allâh.

    April 15, 2009

  • not at all, as it turns out, lit. "look, God!"

    April 15, 2009