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  • n. merbromin


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  • Other chemicals containing mercury, such as mercurochrome and thimerosal (sold as Merthiolate and other brands), are still used as antiseptics or as preservatives in eye drops, eye ointments, nasal sprays, and vaccines.

    Public Health Statement for Mercury

  • They were counterrevolutionary, because their objective as to justify aggressions against Cuba, stop the possible influence of the Cuban revolution, and above all, if possible, with "mercurochrome" measures treat the economic and social cancer of the two peoples -- to gain time and to see what would happen later.


  • Doctors in white coats rushed about with bags of cotton, mercurochrome and bandages.

    Mubarak Supporters Clash With Protesters In Cairo

  • He again wants medicine so we agree to anoint a few sores with the mercurochrome we carry.

    Time travellers

  • Lewis and Clark carried it as part of their first-aid kit, and mercury was long used as a treatment for syphilis, and those who grew up in the 1950s and '60s may remember dabbing cuts and scrapes with mercurochrome. it has been used as a preservative in childhood vaccines.

    Kate Kelly: Mamet and Mercury

  • Any Hillary people here needing to have their asses kissed, bend over, then get out your mercurochrome!

    Hillary Invokes RFK Assassination While Describing Why She's Staying In Race

  • Gone are the days of the evil mercurochrome -- the secretaries aren't even allowed to apply soap to an obviously filthy playground scrape.

    Limits Gone Wild

  • Exposure may also occur from the improper or excessive use of other chemicals containing mercury, such as skin-lightening creams and some topical antiseptic or disinfectant agents (mercurochrome and thimerosal).

    Public Health Statement for Mercury

  • These products include mercurochrome (contains a small amount of mercury, 2%), and thimerosal and phenylmercuric nitrate, which are used in small amounts as preservatives in some prescription and over-the-counter medicines.


  • “Think those are mercurochrome?” one of the angels asked as three feathers defected from her wings.

    Chicken Soup for the Soul: Living Catholic Faith


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  • Oh, I must add mercurochrome to my evocative smells list! And speaking of stains, this made me think of gentian violet.

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  • Ah, mercurochrome was for sissies. Merthiolate now, that was kick-ass germ killer stuff!! :oD

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  • A trademark name used for a solution of merbromin. Ah, those days of bright orange splotches on cut fingers and knees.... :-P

    August 2, 2007