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  • n. An alkaloid drug, C11H17NO3, obtained from mescal buttons, which produces hallucinations. Also called peyote.

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  • n. A psychedelic drug of the phenethylamine class found naturally in several species of cacti, including peyote, San Pedro, and Peruvian Torch.

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  • n. Methyl-3, 4, 5-trimethoxybenzylamine, (CH3O)3C6H2.CH2NHCH3, an alkaloid found in mescal-buttons. It crystallizes in needles which melt at 151° C.

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  • n. the hallucinatory alkaloid that is the active agent in mescal buttons


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From mescal (from Nahuatl) + -ine.


  • To prepare for today, they have fasted from food and drink for four days, although the use of mescaline is encouraged.

    The dance of the sun: Danza del sol

  • I’ve done LSD once and I’ve heard that mescaline is pretty damn potent as well.

    Think Progress » After Telling Women, Gays How To Live, Oklahoma GOP Outraged At ‘Government Intervention’ In Divorces

  • Frank was most knowledgeable on the subject and explained that peyote was a cactus that contained a powerful hallucinogen called mescaline and that it had been used by the indigenous people of central Mexico during certain religious rituals.

    Full Frontal Nudity

  • Flashback to taking a hit of so-called mescaline in the summer after graduating from high school, turning on the TV, and for the first time watching the Watergate Hearings.

    thin ties with piano keys

  • She was on mescaline, which is a hallucinogenic drug.

    CNN Transcript Dec 14, 2005

  • You would probably be more familiar with it as the drug mescaline, which is obtained from the button-top of the peyote cactus.


  • For example, a compound called mescaline, much like adrenalin in molecular structure, is found in a cactus native to the American southwest.

    The Human Brain

  • While I rather lamented the fact that I saw no hallucinations, shapes, lights or special effects (what is expected with peyote, which is chemically "mescaline"), the idea is that the sacred plant peyote meets you ": where you are", and perhaps, for me, that was precisely in profound unease with group dynamics?

    Karin Luisa: Taking Peyote in a Navajo Tipi Ceremony

  • The charges that Jonathan Sloan, 29, faces in Jefferson County District Court include unlawful manufacturing and distribution of controlled substances, such as mescaline and lysergic acid amide, which is related to LSD. Front Page

  • Timothy Leary's 'translation' of the latter, written in 1964, positioned the text within the psychedelic experience of experimenting with drugs such as mescaline, psilocybin and LSD.

    British Blogs


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