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  • n. A Roman numeral representing one thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine (1999).

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  • Primly silent; prim; demure; precise; affectedly modest; quiet; mute: also used adverbially.


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  • In addition to Frogs with its face-off between Aeschylus and Euripides there is the more obscure Women Celebrating the Thesmophoria, which calls mimêsis a disruption of life and opposes it to nature.

    Plato's Aesthetics

  • Though Plato therefore hates to acknowledge that poems contain any beauty, he does not go so far as to call mimêsis beauty's opposite and accuse poems or paintings of ugliness.

    Plato's Aesthetics

  • He was wan iv th 'first men up San Joon Hill on th' mim'rable day.

    Observations By Mr. Dooley

  • 'By gar,' he says, ''tis a disgrace to th' mim'ries iv thim devoted dead who died f'r their counthry, 'he says.

    Mr. Dooley: In the Hearts of His Countrymen

  • Does this also relate to the book's made-up slang ( "mim" for crime victim, "monkey" for crack), and its suppression of topical detail in general?

    Books news, reviews and author interviews |

  • It is the only surah which does not contain any letter "mim" [7] The number of times the 7 heavens are mentioned is 7 and the number of times the phrase "established on His Throne" is also 7 [8] Surah Yasin (the heart of the Qur'an) contains 7 'mubin'.

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  • O filme é lindo o livro melhorrrrr ainda e aqui no Brasil já estamos na espera do próximo “eclipse” que pra mim foi o melhor livro e que une os 3 personagens espero ver Michael Sheen novamente ele é ótimo.

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  • On September 9th 2009, layza lemos de castro wrote: olha o chris brown fez uma corvadiar com a minha cantora preferida: eu tambem gosto muito do chris brown mais agora ele errou feio ele deve ser preso pela lei maria da penha por agredi uma mulher aqui deixo meu comentario eu te amooo rihanna mim mandar um beijo eu te dollo eu e meus amigos fizemo um fa clube para vc somente para vc!!!!

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  • Why is he no longer a hardcore independent teabagger? mim Says:

    Matthew Yglesias » Endgame

  • Secondly, your idea that such people swill wine at cocktail parties while listening to U2 and discussing Foucault is such an absurd caricature, an amalgamation of strawmen, that it makes you seem ridiculous and detracts from your critique of modernity and our culture. mim says:

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  • Code for Merimbula Airport, Merimbula, Australia.

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