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  • n. any terpene formed from two isoprene units, and having ten carbon atoms; either hydrocarbons such as pinene, or compounds with functional groups such as camphor


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  • Eggplants are high in soluble fibre which is helpful in lowering cholesterol and they also contain a phytochemical called monoterpene that could be useful in preventing the growth of cancer cells.

    Weekend Herb Blogging #64

  • The major component is 3,7-dimethyl-1,3-octadien-5-one, which is a monoterpene with two geometrical isomers as shown:

    Chapter 7

  • With various co-workers, the first synthesis of b-collidine and of linalool, the partial synthesis of pinene, and a series of investigations in the monoterpene field were carried out.

    Leopold Ruzicka - Biography

  • C.B.: Biochemical characterization of a spearmint mutant that resembles peppermint in monoterpene content.

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  • R.: Biochemical and histochemical lo - calization of monoterpene biosynthesis in the glandular trichomes of spearmint (Mentha spicata).

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