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  • n. A colorless, fragrant liquid, C10H18O, distilled from the oils of rosewood, bergamot, and other plants and trees and used in perfume manufacture.

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  • n. A monoterpene alcohol found in many essential oils.

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  • n. A name of two chemical compounds, differing in their effect on polarized light.

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  • n. a colorless fragrant liquid found in many essential oils


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Spanish lináloe, aloe (from Late Latin lignum aloēs, wood of the aloe : Latin lignum, wood; see ligni- + Latin aloēs, genitive of aloē, aloe; see aloe) + -ol1.


  • Although shikimic acid does not have any direct antiviral effects, star anise contains a compound called linalool that does indeed have antiviral activity.

    Doctor Star | SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles

  • There are other components like linalool, which is found in a fairly high level in bergamot, which is used in Earl Grey tea.

    Putting Tastes Into Words

  • Or get a whiff of basil, roses, grapes, mango or lemons - they all contain a compound called linalool, whose scent helps induce calm. Chronicle

  • Tonka bean and hay absolute at the base along with ho wood very linalool rich at the heart complete the fougere picture and the pine was replaced by rosemary verbenone to add clean, herbaceous freshness.

    Archive 2008-08-01

  • A true challenge indeed, when you cannot use Benzyl acetate; not to mention (E)-ocimene, linalool, asmine lactone, or gamma-decalactone (used to create gardenia headspace).

    GiGi: Grand Gardenia Sans the Drama

  • The basil does add a bit of grassy and fresh linalool element at the opening that I now find interesting and not as out of place and dissonant as it did back than.

    Gaucho’s Journey Part 2: Premature Steps

  • For the linalool and geraniol you can think also of palmarossa oil and for a "spicy" linalool coriander is very good.

    Fougère, Coumarin and the Bittersweetness of Green

  • Sweet and fresh fruity top notes of peach and bergamot and the light, soft powdery allure of linalool perhaps from rosewood? engages you to explore the creamy, fruity-floral ylang ylang notes.


  • Start with the basics – excellent quality building blocks that are essential for Fougère: oakmoss absolute, lavender essential oil, absolute and concrete, rosewood or ho leaf (for a touch of linalool), and last but not least – a naturally sourced coumarin note, either from tonka bean absolute or liatrix tincture (you can make your own by soaking the dried leaves in 200 proof alcohol).

    Archive 2007-10-01

  • DMTS: SULFUR isovaleraldehyde: SWEET a-ionone: FLOWERS linalool: FLOWERS

    The Science of Coffee


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