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  • n. A spirit in Burmese mythology, whose cult is followed alongside Buddhism.
  • n. logarithmic unit of information or entropy, based on natural logarithms

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  • Not at; nor at.
  • adv. Not.

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  • A Middle English form of not.
  • A Middle English contracted form of ne at, not at, or nor at.
  • n. A mat.
  • n. In Burma and Siam, a spirit or angel powerful for evil and for punishment; a demon; a genie.
  • n. An abbreviation
  • n. of Natal;
  • n. of national;
  • n. of natural;
  • n. of naturalist.


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Reduced form of naught.

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Abbreviation of natural logarithm.


  • That's what the schoolmasters call nat'ral arithmetic, and 'twill be sartain to beset the feelin's of savages.

    The Deerslayer

  • Red women have their'n in what I should call the nat'ral way, while white women take 'em innoculated like.

    The Deerslayer

  • Dangerous territory for me - being a tad too much of a pale blue wimp, and too 'nat' sympathetic for one or two of the regulars, who tend towards the 'Right' on the Conservative continuum.

    Day out in Newport West

  • "True, brother, when Peregrine stuck mine into my fist it was like a roaster in the short ribs, low, brother, low -- I was floored, taken aback, an 'nat'rally broached to an' come to a dead halt --"

    Peregrine's Progress

  • An 'I found Shaver -- 'scuse me, but ut seemed sort o' nat'ral name fer

    A Reversible Santa Claus

  • "You ain't got no right to close off more'n enough to leave us th 'nat'ral flow unless by agreement," he concluded, and opened the gates.

    The Blazed Trail

  • "Ay, but they wanted them, an 'nat'rally the Greeks stuck to the stanes they paid for."

    A Window in Thrums

  • "Arter all," he said, chuckling, "the two things does fit in nicely together an 'nat'ral like --' Igh Jinks an 'a fav'rite gel!"

    The Treasure of Heaven A Romance of Riches

  • "Don't you think blue patches is the mos 'nat'ral lookin'?"

    Miss Minerva and William Green Hill

  • And WE'RE told off to look arter their precious skins, and keep the Injins off 'em, -- and they shootin 'or skeerin' off the Injins 'nat'ral game, and our provender!

    Tales of Trail and Town


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  • Citation on pol.

    March 24, 2012

  • In Myanmar, a spirit or demon.

    April 26, 2008