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  • adj. That act on the central nervous system


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neuro- +‎ active


  • Melcai, R, et al. Formation and effects of neuroactive steroids in the central and peripheral nervous system.

    T.S. Wiley: Estrogen Dilemma: There Is No Dilemma When You Know the Details

  • Hawkinson, JE, et al. Correlation of neuroactive steroid modulation of [355] t-butylbicyclophosphorothionate and [3H] flunitrazepam binding and gamma-aminobutyric acid A receptor function.

    T.S. Wiley: Estrogen Dilemma: There Is No Dilemma When You Know the Details

  • We sat around and GOT HIGH on neuroactive cocoa alkaloids.

    Boing Boing

  • They plan to adjust her medications, increase dosages, introduce neuroactive steroids.

    Memory Wall

  • A neuroactive insecticide fashioned after nicotine, neonictinoids poison nerves and prevent acetylcholine from enabling neurons to communicate with each other and with muscle tissue.

    Dr. Reese Halter: Neonictinoids -- Destroying the Web of Life

  • In other words, it is quite conceivable that the PTSD diagnosis may merely represent a convenient catch-all allowing treatment of symptoms with popular anti-depressants and other neuroactive drugs.

    Catch-all PTSD DiagnosisMay Again Shortchange 9-11 Responders

  • The other neuroactive chemicals also may produce some really bad effects.

    Archive 2005-10-01

  • When the neuroactive agent adenosine stimulates a dopamine 1 receptor, the guanine nucleotide regulatory component called “guanine stimulatory” complex GS is activated.

    Alcohol and The Addictive Brain

  • Dr. Zak proposes in his lecture "Love, Belief and Neurobiology of Attachment" that the neuroactive peptide oxytocin helps mediate social attachments and temporary trust in humans.

    ResearchChannel On-Air Schedule

  • Follow the leader: the use of leader peptides to guide natural product biosynthesis Rapid behavior-based identification of neuroactive small molecules in the zebrafish Capture and release of alkyne-derivatized glycerophospholipids using cobalt chemistry Domino access to highly substituted chromans and isochromans from carbohydrates

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